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Nhoj is currently a member of the crew Mice of Vengeance of the flag Trans-Atlantic Empire.


Nhoj began his pirate life around April 2004 on the Midnight Ocean. His first crew was The Azure Rebellion of the flag Maritime Law. He left Azure Rebellion to join Jacktheblack's new crew Maritime Law as a senior officer. The crew soon decided to leave Maritime Law and formed a new flag, The Forsaken. The crew's name was changed to Atha'an Miere, from the Robert Jordan's Wheel of Time Series, meaning Sea People.

To better advance the crew, it was decided to disband the new flag and join Midnight Armada. Given the large size of the crew, they were granted a royalty spot, and things seemed to be going great. Soon after Midnight Armada took the island of Park, Jacktheblack began to have issues with other flag royals. He decided to leave the flag and the crew was turned over to Nhoj. As captain, Nhoj worked to resolve any issues with the flag. The crew was eventually granted a distillery, Drunk Tank, on Park.

The crew continued to grow, and eventually decided it was in their best interest to leave Midnight Armada. Nhoj formed the flag Bring on the Rain. As monarch Nhoj worked to find a new home for the crew. Eventually they joined the flag Raptus Regaliter.

In late 2005 and early 2006, Nhoj was rarely seen on the ocean due to medical issue in the real world. During that time, an account issue forced Nhoj into "retirement". In early 2013 with the medical issues under control and the account issue resolved, Nhoj returned to the high sea. Nhoj can be found sailing the Cerulean Ocean looking for lost hearties.