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Go to Morrowind for information on the flag.

What lies beneath is the guidelines used by Flag Morrowind (Viridian Ocean) in their raids on Atlantean Outposts. Your length of stay on our vessels may depend on your understanding of these policies. Please read carefully, and ask questions if you do not understand something.


  • Bring the ship and chart home safely.
    • War frigates cost over 100K pieces of eight.
    • Typical stock for the journey costs between 60K and 100K pieces of eight, depending on how long we anticipate our voyage to last.
    • Special charts are required, which take time to acquire or replace.
    • Since outposts are scattered across the ocean, there is often a swabby transport fee (up to 6K PoE or more) to position a ship conveniently so jobbers don't have to wait long between setting sail and starting the adventure.
  • Allow ship mates to explore what's new, and have fun doing it.
  • Haul in as much treasure as possible.

Starting off

Suitable mates

The first step is to find suitable mates to help staff the ship. On a war frigate, this means waiting for seventy-five pirates. By "suitable pirates", we are looking for pirates that meet the following descriptions:

  • Well-mannered
  • Willing to work where needed
  • Able to follow instructions (this 'able' is the only good 'able')
  • Perform better than swabbies (consistently score 'good' or better on duty reports)

Meet the officers

We typically have at least three officers on board during our Atlantean voyages, operating in the following roles:

The Executive Officer is the "boss", and often doubles as the jobbing contact for the voyage. This officer picks gunners, directs people to stations, and handles questions from jobbers. Because of the number of people involved, please be patient when trying to ask questions. Don't cross the XO.

The Pirate-at-Arms, in coordination with the XO, arranges ship-board melees with dragoons and determines who participates in the melees. At some times, everybody who volunteers may be permitted to fight. At other times, volunteers will be sent to fight on a rotating basis.

The navigator is responsible for the safety and maneuvering of the ship. Do not send questions to the navigator.

Getting there

Entering the outpost board

Duty stations

Treasure hauling

Volunteers (defenders)

It is absolutely vital that we keep Dragoons cleared from our ships so that we may push deeper into Atlantis and fight, slay and haul tougher monsters so that we will recieve greater booty and rewards.


We will have an officer in charge of defending the ship from Dragoons known as the Pirate-at-Arms (PaA). The job of the Pirate-at-Arms is to initiate a brawl with the battle ready Dragoons. This officer will make the decisions about who will be selected to join the fray once the brawl begins.

Everyone is allowed and encouraged to be a defender. Getting rammed by monsters especially by a Gorgonyx or Archelon will result in lots of Dragoons boarding. Should this happen we will need to have plenty of swords to chase them from the ship. The Pirate-at-Arms will try to balance the number of mates on duty station pulled into frays to ensure that the ship continues to opperate smoothly. The Pirate-at-Arms' goal will be to start the fray ensuring there are double to triple the number of pirates to the number of battle ready Dragoons.

Rules and guidelines for defending the ship
  1. We ask that everyone who is Jobbing volunteer to defend the ship
  2. All lazers are required to volunteer without exception. (They are the first line of defense)
  3. Solo challenges may be accepted if your duty station is in good shape (Use your brain here if you are on Carpentry and it is showing 3o% damage or more don't accept the challenge, dismiss it and let the PaA deal with him)
  4. If you do accept a solo challenge please make sure you volunteer for defense again after you are done.
  5. Under no circumstance is it acceptable for a defender to leave a fray especially to Treasure Haul. (If you are caught Treasure Hauling after dropping out of a fray early, you will be planked immediately, no exceptions)
  6. If you are knocked out of the fray please dismiss quickly and find a station include TH if it is available.

How to acquire a free swim pass

A free swim pass may be issued for any of the reasons listed below. This list is not exhaustive. Being planked off our ship does not necessarily mean we do not want you to come back. The "basic swim pass" often includes a return ticket, conditional on improved behavior or clearing off some misunderstanding between you and our officers. The "deluxe swim pass" will usually not include a return ticket.

Basic swim pass

  • Excessive use of vessel chat
  • Idling ("Zzz") without permission
  • Scoring poorly on duty reports (especially "boochers")
  • Pestering officers
  • Asking to sink
  • Not following instructions
  • Answering questions on behalf of our officers
  • Shouting on vessel chat (tsk, tsk--officers only!)

Deluxe swim pass

  • Swearing or sexual references
  • Abandoning a dragoon fight to haul in treasure
  • Telling our officers what to do