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Monlizzy: From Greenie to Queenie

Monlizzy is the Senior Officer of the crew Midnight Aurora, and Queen of one the elite flags in the Viridian Ocean, Imperial Coalition. Her primary goal is to find the meaning of life, which helped along by the monkey on her back, er...shoulder i mean. Cirrus the Monkey.


Monlizzy's rise from lowly Greenie to a respected pirate is a richly detailed story of a Pirate's rise to fame. It all started when Monlizzy joined the crew Dark Legion, where she amassed the rank FO, and had the title of Counsilor. She was a member of the flag Infierno De Los Diablos, the monarch was Antix. Her first promotion which would lead to many to come, was given to her by the pirate Whevan, one of Monlizzy's most cherished friends and mentors in this game. It was him that started the foundation of the pirate we know today.