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Mnemosyne is one of the first wave of Ocean Masters hired by Three Rings.

Mnemosyne is the Ocean Master most responsible for unleashing bloodthirsty packs of werewolves on islands during the wee hours of the morning.

Mnemosyne designed the following islands:

  • Descartes Isle, on the Emerald and Jade oceans (as well as on the retired/merged Sage ocean)
  • Starfish Island, on the Emerald and Jade oceans (as well as on the retired/merged Sage ocean)
  • Ventress Island, on the Emerald and Jade oceans (as well as on the retired/merged Sage ocean)


Mnemosyne is the Greek goddess and personification of memory, and mother of the nine muses, including Clio. A river named after her flowed through Hades: those who wanted to remember their past life would drink from her spring, while those who wished to forget would drink the waters of Lethe ("forgetfulness")


Dolls awarded Trinket-Mnemosyne doll.png

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