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Mistakemker came about the Viridian Ocean on December 3, 2006. He first joined a crew called Beaner Nation under the flag Loyal Assassin's. When he was a pirate he proposed to a senior officer in the crew (Andie) and she said yes.

After the flag got into a war Mistakemker left the crew to join Sonny's crew Sinkers Inc under the flag United We Stand. He was an officer in the crew right away then made fleet officer and earned the title first mate. Sinkers Inc then merged with Pouncing Piranhas where he was given senior officer rank.

Mistakemker then left the crew with his old captain, Sonny, and the crew Beyond the Grave was formed, flying the flag of United We Stand. Beyond the Grave then merged with Truth be Told under the flag of United We Stand.

In July 2007 Mistakemker left Truth be Told to become the first mate of Cambiata's crew Aqua Vitae. Soon after he joined he was made Prince of the flag Dark Sky. On August 4th he was finally married to Andie.

He pillages daily on many types of ships and has fun playing poker, Drinking and Treasure Drop.

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