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Clicking this icon takes a pirate to the screen below.
The actual minimap.
Click for larger version

The minimap is located in the top-right corner of the game window and shows a pirate's location on the island, with a red X to mark their current spot. Clicking on it will bring up a large map of the island, with the various types of buildings listed on the right side; highlight a building type and markers will pop up on the map showing where each is. White markers denote a normal building, shoppe or feature, yellow markers denote bazaars, and green markers denote a pirate's home.

Clicking these markers will whisk a pirate to that building or location, without having to walk across the island to get there. Some islands, such as Terra Island, are not easy to traverse, and using the minimap can often be a quicker way to reach a destination.

Also accessible from the minimap are the dock and notice board.