Midnight Olympiad

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The Midnight Olympiad
Midnight Olympiad
Event Rules
Registration is now closed.

For the time being, further information on the Olympiad may be found in this Events Thread.


The Midnight Olympiad is a two-month, multi-event competition that pits the best of each archipelago against one another for medals, personal bragging rights, and to determine which is the Champion Archipelago on the Midnight Ocean.

The Olympiad will take place in two parts. To begin, each archipelago will have a series of qualifying events in order to determine the top two competitors for each event in their archipelago. Once the competitors have been set, the main Olympics will begin with a round-robin series of events, followed by straight elimination tourneys for each event.

The four events that are planned to take place are:


Registration - until March 3rd

  • Submit pirate name(s), event, archipelago, forum name (for PMs) and email (optional) on the wiki. This is the page for registration.
  • Alternatively, you can PM me (Feegle) on the forums to register. You will need a wiki account for the later rounds, though, so don't avoid signing up for one just because you figure you'll never use it.

Qualifiers - March 4th to March 17th

  • Each arch will have qualifiers scheduled. There will be two qualifying times per event, one at Euro-friendly time and the other at North American-friendly time. Event dates and times TBA.

Round Robin - March 18th to March 31st

  • Tables will be posted in the wiki. Competitors are responsible for recording their own results to keep track of the wins and losses. Matches should be arranged between competitors using the contact information on the wiki. There is no round robin for the Sloop Race.

First Round Eliminations - April 1st to April 7th

Second Round Eliminations - April 8th to April 14th

Medal Matches - April 15th

Registered Competitors

Archipelago Sloop Race 3v3 Brawl Fencing Drinking
  • Shiskra, Donsmythe
  • Seerauber, Kipdg
  • Henchy, Snowflakess, Venuschild
  • Yukinon
  • Jenfa
  • Yukinon
  • Hakim, Maokat
  • Slyderm, ?
  • Hogwash, Erdnase
  • Slyderm, ?, ?
  • Yankeesfan , Darkmemory, Roots, Codee
  • Wellingtionn
  • Slyderm
  • Omadon
  • Monkmiroku
  • Morgana
  • Blinkkidmutt
  • Shar
  • Slyderm
  • Sivius
  • Redblade, Balkington
  • Drilly, Lj
  • Angara, Blimb
  • Christiella, Kaiah
  • Orangekid
  • Kargach
  • Jegregious
  • Thewarden
  • Angara
  • Diana
  • Kargach
  • Ceylon, Esperetta
  • Akana, Bobdylan
  • Colbag, Anderson
  • Neva
  • Akana
  • Ceylon
  • Amarylis, Peeteegee
  • Themachine, Morgana
  • Angellic
  • Themachine
  • Angellic
  • Themachine
  • Amarylis
  • Yellowshanks, Antinumerica
  • Wildrose, Burr
  • Basher, Springheel
  • Silentwolf, Ratnose
  • Shark, Chihiro, Deirdremac, Sunny
  • Basher
  • Silentwolf
  • Pinkylee
  • Kingsully, Captanhook
  • Texta
  • Rickymix