Memming Players Across Opal

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This page is intended to list players on the Opal Ocean who are willing to chart for their fellow pirates.

Pirate name Archipelagos Chartable Times online (PT)
Canis Krebs Adler Pferdekopf Orion Pleijaden !! Ursa
Chaboogie Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Varies. (Chaboogie on All Oceans). {{{10}}}
Forestria Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Varies. Contact Forestria on any Ocean {{{10}}}
another Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Varies.

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Atlantis Explorers Across:
Barbarian Lovers Across:
Brigand King Hunters on:
Cursed Isles Attackers Across:
Drinking Players Across:
Flotilla Hunters Across:
Greedy brigand Hunters Across:
Haunted Seas Explorers Across:
Hearts Players Across:
Kraken Hunters Across:
Memming Players Across:
United Pillagers Across:
Skellie Hunters Across:
Spades Players Across:
Vampirate Hunters Across:
Werewolf Hunters Across:
Zombie Hunters Across: