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: [[Casterly Dock]]
: [[Casterly Dock]]
; [[Tailor]] : [[Cowl Drogo]] (bazaar) {{under construction}}
; [[Tailor]] : [[Cowl Drogo]] (bazaar)
; [[Weavery]] : [[The Loom of Valyria]] (bazaar)
; [[Weavery]] : [[The Loom of Valyria]] (bazaar)

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Melanaster Island
Favicon.png Melanaster Island on the Obsidian Ocean
Large island in the Ye Bloody Bounding Main Archipelago
Melanaster Island (Obsidian).png

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Controlled by   Guerrilla Warfare Icon-faction-shadow fleet.png
Governed by   Vas
Navy color   Unknown
Information about this island's pets is unknown.
Outpost Medium Large
Colonized Map icon out col.gif Map icon med col.gif Map icon lg col.gif
Uncolonized Map icon out.gif Map icon med.gif Map icon lg.gif
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Melanaster Island is a large island located in the Ye Bloody Bounding Main Archipelago. There are four known routes from the island: Dingwall Island, Mitjana Island, Picklepine Ridge, and Woodtick Island.

Natural resources

This island spawns hemp, lily of the valley, and stone. They can be bid on at the fort or market.


Bling's Landing (trading post)
You Win or You Dye (bazaar)
Commodities market 
Family, Booty, Honour
Riverrum (bazaar)
Estate agent 
You Know Nothing, Chateau
Bed Stark (bazaar)
House Lannister (right-facing gallery)
Inn Stan We Trust Construction Site
Iron monger
The Pointy End (bazaar)
The Iron Price
Dhowio Naharis (bazaar)
Casterly Dock
Cowl Drogo (bazaar)
The Loom of Valyria (bazaar)


On July 13, 2018, Melanaster Island was transferred to Jinx and became the first large island on Obsidian to be opened for blockade and the third island overall.

On July 14, 2018, Consider it Sunk became the first flag to take control of Melanaster.

On the northwestern side of the island, some small rocks contain an inscription which reads: "This island were fashioned by Yngvild."


Melanaster I, 2018-07-14 - Consider it Sunk defeated the Brigand King flag Jinx in a three-round sinking blockade to colonize the island. Guerrilla Warfare was also a contender.

Melanaster II, 2018-07-21 - Guerrilla Warfare defeated Consider it Sunk in a three-round sinking blockade to take control of the island.

Melanaster III, 2018-07-29 - Guerrilla Warfare successfully defended the island from Consider it Sunk. The score was 2-0 when CiS withdrew from the blockade and an OM was petitioned to end the blockade.