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Flag Position
Marioman Icon titled.png Title Member

Marioman is a senior officer of the crew Royal Assasins Brigade and lord of the flag West-East Campaign.


Marioman started puzzle pirates as an officer in the crew Royal Assassins Brigade and ended up making his own crew called The Greatest Pirates.

In early December of 2011, he met Kxz and merged crews with her and they soon became close friends. They made their own flag and gave it the name The Greatest.

In summer of 2012, they merged with Clevelandfan of Neptunes Raiders. That same day, they moved over to Royal Assassins Brigade. Marioman was soon made senior officer.

Later on, Marioman was awarded the title of lord in the flag West-East Campaign. Though he remains there, his friend, Kxz, moved to the crew Unnatural Selection.

Marioman will stay with RAB for the time being.

Marioman can be found running and participating in sea monster hunts as well as playing poker at the inn.