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|portrait= yes
|fam-type-2=Octopus-blue grey|fam-ocean-2=Obsidian|fam-name-2=Unnamed|
|fam-type-2=Octopus-blue grey|fam-ocean-2=Obsidian|fam-name-2=Unnamed|

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Unnamed (Obsidian)
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Unnamed (Obsidian)
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Unnamed (Obsidian)
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Pets-Cat colors.png
Unnamed (Obsidian)
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Unnamed (Obsidian)
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Unnamed (Obsidian)
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Margaroo is the captain of the crew Positive Penguins on the Obsidian Ocean.

The crew Positive Penguins currently resides with the flag called Amateur Hour, in which Margaroo is a titled member.

She is also the captain of the crew Tequila Sunrise on the Emerald Ocean. This crew is considered a retirement home for pirates who are inactive on Emerald Ocean and now play Obsidian Ocean.


Originally from the Cobalt Ocean, she once played there under the name Amilamink, then Fedexgirl, and then finally as Fixation. She later began playing on the Sage Ocean under the name Kimi, eventually moving to Sage full-time. She continued to playing under that name when Sage Ocean merged to become Emerald Ocean. Then she decided to rename herself, Margaroo.

Margaroo was known to docktart on Admiral Island with her pirate friends or found pokering at Ameer's shoppe, Pants Labyrinth.

Under the same name, Margaroo moved to the new ocean, Obsidian Ocean. There she rebuilt her pirate that was the complete opposite from the pirate on Emerald Ocean. She has become more involved in the ocean community, enjoying global banter ("ASL") and flag blockades. Other things she enjoys are planning flag or ocean events, playing spades, collecting trinkets/familiars/LE furniture, and rebuilding her portrait gallery. Although, she has not kicked the habit of docktarting.

Shoppes and stalls

Manages Ameer's tailor shoppe Pants Labyrinth on Admiral Island.

Owner of Margaroo's tailor stall on Port Venture.

Familiars owned

Margaroo, with the combined effort from Callmecudi, are currently collecting different familiars on Obsidian Ocean.


•Re-colorable hatted octopus






Monkey-rose.png Octopus-blue grey.png Octopus-plum.png

Parrot-purple-wine.png Parrot-ice blue-rose.png

Dragon-green-red.png Dragon-blue grey-blue grey.png Dragon-purple-plum.png





Lobster-purple-purple.png Lobster-purple-lavender.png Lobster-purple-violet.png

Marie Antionette, Anne Boleyn, and Mary Stuart.



Owl-red brown.png Owl-brown.png Owl-blue grey.png Owl-brown.png Owl-tan.png Owl-blue grey.png Owl-blue grey.png

Errol, Archimedes, Hedwig, Pigwidgeon, Hermes, Brodwin, and Eeylops




Aragog and Mosag

Renamed ships

  Ocean Name Notes
Sloop  Obsidian Material Girl Painted: Pink, rose, and rose
Cutter  Obsidian Garbage Collector Second Kraken hunt boat. Trash themed.
Sloop  Obsidian Trash Can First Kraken hunt boat. Trash themed.
Xebec  Obsidian Boozy Boat  Party and event boat for crew and flag. Painted: Purple, white, and grey
Junk  Obsidian Junk Yard Trash themed.

Years of service


11 years


Famous quotes to live by

"Ahoy! From which port do ye hail, and how many years are upon ye?"- Amateur Hour

"Me likey likey"-TWICE