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Featured article: Ocean merge

Journal 12 07 cropped.jpg

Starting in January 2012, six oceans in the Puzzle Pirates world merged into three, with each new ocean comprising two former oceans. The merged oceans are named Cerulean, Emerald, and Meridian. Within each merged ocean, the geographies of the two former oceans are stitched together, side-by-side.

One of each pair of oceans is designated "West" and the other is designated "East". Pirates, crews, and flags were renamed with the suffix "-West" or "-East" if the same name existed on both merged oceans.

The mergers of the English-language oceans were hinted at on December 7, 2011, when the "Intrepid Explorer" Velasco Thorsson posted his journals on the "Hear Ye! Announcements" forum. Cerulean was the first ocean to be tested, opening on January 4, 2012. The official merge occurred on January 31, 2012 at 8am Pirate Time.

Official Events

In-game and YPPedia Events

Date (Ocean) Event - Prize
Dec (All) Limited Edition Ship of the month Gingerbread Class Sloop!
Dec 8 (All) Blockades Closed Blockade Event (player blockades closed at weekend)
Dec 9 (Cerulean) (Emerald) (Meridian) Swordfighting Tournament AnniversARRRy tournament, win a blue Octo!
Dec 9 (Cerulean) (Emerald) (Meridian) Shipboard competition AnniversARRRy competition, win a purple Octo!
Dec 10 (Cerulean) (Emerald) (Meridian) Shipboard competition AnniversARRRy competition, win a purple Octo!
Dec 11 (Cerulean) (Emerald) (Meridian) Rumble Tournament AnniversARRRy tournament, win a green Octo!
Jan (All) Limited Edition Ship of the month Phantom Class War Frigate!
Feb (All) Limited Edition Ship of the month Cupid Class Sloop!
Mar (All) Limited Edition Ship of the month Bardic Class Sloop!

Unofficial Events

Unofficial Events have no affiliation with Grey Havens in any way.

In-game and YPPedia Events

Date (Ocean) Event - Prize
Dec 17 (Emerald) Crimson Xmas Party 2023 - Come and join in celebrating the holidays and win amazing prizes!
Jan 13 (Emerald) Krakling Game III: The Red Tide - Register before Jan 11!
** (All) Your event could be here!

Real World Events

Date Location
No gatherings at this time
Free Puzzle Days

Today is Thursday. The freeplay days schedule is as follows:

Puzzle Sun Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat
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Blacksmithing Icon iron monger.png
Distilling Icon distillery.png
Drinking Icon drinking.png Icon drinking.png
Foraging Icon foraging.png
Hearts Icon hearts.png Icon hearts.png
Poker Icon poker.png Icon poker.png
Rumble Icon rumble.png Icon rumble.png Icon rumble.png
Shipwrightery Icon shipyard.png
Spades Icon spades.png Icon spades.png
Swordfighting Icon swordfight.png Icon swordfight.png Icon swordfight.png
Treasure Drop Icon treasure drop.png Icon treasure drop.png
Weaving Icon weavery.png

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