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|galleries= 1
|galleries= 1
|ocean1= Emerald
|ocean1= Emerald
Iocean2= Obsidian
===Basic Info===  
===Basic Info===  

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iocean2= obsidian]
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Basic Info

Madcrash is a pirate formerly from the Sage Ocean. he is now part of the Emerald Ocean and is a senior officer of the crew Spectrum.



In 2006, Madcrash first came to the Sage ocean and his default home was Lincoln Island. He joined the crew Destroyers of Sage and began his career as a cabin person

He began to get used to the puzzling, and eventually, after a few month of work, became a pirate of the crew.

The captain of the crew (name unable to be remembered) resigned and left his role with Sycodicgod who raised Madcrash to senior officer rank, mainly due to their close friendship in the crew.

By November, Madcrash was captain of the crew which had risen to number 5 in the crew rankings. Within a few weeks Madcrash raised them to number 1.


The crew disbanded in July due to rows inside of the crew escalating and half of the members leaving. Madcrash left the game for a few month before returning and staying as an independent pirate for much of the year.4


In 2008, Madcrash discovered his greatest success. He created the crew Masquerades of Revolution with his brother Kuresaka and in time found friends inside of the crew and his trusted senior officers. His main senior officers were:

The crew went and reached #1 in May, and were part of the flag Black Flag who at this point were owners of Barbary, Basset and [[Isle of Kent]. Madcrash was a prince in the flag.