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Maboroshi is a pirate of the crew the Silver Lining and member of Funky Town. He sails upon the Viridian Ocean.

Maboroshi enjoys helping anyone and everyone with their problems and is very loyal to his friends and other crew mates, and will go out of his way to help or assist them in most circumstances


He first began in Fault in Design, but moved over to ImPenDinG InSAnity to help his friend, Poat, and along the way made many new friends within the crew and the flag.

After helping out her crew and new flag, Maboroshi returned to Fault in Design to help new captain and best mate, Speedyturtl in rebuilding the crew's foundations. He worked hard in Fault in Design as a senior officer.

Personal Goals

Maboroshi's personal goals are to eventually save up for his own ship, get all his stats up and eventually one day start his very own crew!

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