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Lovemore is Captain of the crew SCURVY. Lovemore started SCURVY on April 20 2005. Since then she has become attached to the crew. She gets to know her members. Lovemore manages the shoppe El Pollo Diablo (Napi Peak) .

Lovemore is always their for us. shes determined to make sure the crew works. Without her some of us would be nothing. She gives everyone advice and help. Without her I would probably not be where I am now.

Where to start now. Lovemore. I havnt known her forever but from what i have shes been through quite a bit. She manages 12 stalls and 1 shoppe. Lots of hard work yet she still manages to have free time on PP and pillage.

What She loves
  • colors black and purple.
  • Fav. sword is Falchion
  • Fav. bludgeon is Leather gloves
  • Her pet Tiggerr
  • Her crew

BBkelley(So) says,"Lovemore is a great captain,Loving person,Funny at all times."

Hawaiilover(Officer) says, "Shes a great captain"