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lotje's Pets
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Lotje is a pirate on the Hunter and Viridian Oceans.


Lotje is a very friendly pirate. She takes her time to explain things to pirates.

She is a very good sailor. Lotje saved with Jeffreypirat for her first ship (Dedicated Mako) but it sunk during her holiday. Later she bought a cutter which she sailed every time with Jeffreypirat and taught him things. Later she learned Battle Navigation from him. It was a perfect team. In a short time they brought the crew fame to sea lords.

When she started playing on Hunter, she bought a townhouse.


Icon distillery.pngmanages Eight Ball Rollin'

Icon furnisher.pngmanages The Electric Chair

Special moments

  • Bought her 1st cutter on Viridian
  • Jeffreypirat and Snowgoose married by Lotje on May 14 2007


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october 23 2006
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january 27 2007
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march 5 2007
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Grand-Master sea battle 2006 just on that day a rank down
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Sublime sea Battle 2006
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  • Black Lot
  • Lazy Lot
  • Old Lady Fish
  • Pearly Rockskipper
  • Lackadaisical Lot
Merchant brig dock.png
Merchant brig
  • Lazy Lot
War brig dock.png
War brig
  • Black Piranha