Leviathans Requiem

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Leviathans Requiem at a Glance
Sage Ocean
Last Captain Ticklish
Senior Officer(s) Butsuri, Pelorat, Phylix
Politics Autocratic
Shares Jobber's Delight
Flag Affiliation League of Light
Founded 12 June, 2006
Dormant as of 27 August, 2012
Crews-Leviathans Requiem.jpg

Leviathans Requiem was created on the Sage Ocean on 12 June of 2006. It was a daughter crew of the Shark Raiders, and member of the flag League of Light.

Public statement

Now accepting random flag invites!

The wind plays the melody of Leviathan where ever we are near! Protected by this Sea Behemoth, we sail the seven seas with courage, honesty and loyalty. The pirates blessed by Leviathans tranquillity are all hard-working, social and skilled pirates. Make way for the new Armada!

Promotions: the way to get places

One needs at least 3 master standing or 1 master and 1 legendary in any of the duty puzzles.
Officer in training or steward of the crew.
A Fleet Officer is one that creates fun for the pirate. It can do that by hosting pillages, organizing events or many others.
Leader of a faction. Given full trust by captain.


After long thinking, the mates Cris and Aapje decided to start a crew on their own, leaving the brilliant crew Shark Raiders behind. They where interested in all possible relations with their old crew and their flag, Blaze of Glory. After some struggles with the Shark Raiders, issuing the voluntary crew switching of some Shark Raiders officers, it all came back good, and they remained hearties of each other. At the moment the crew is trying to be elite, teaching and helping their pirates to get their standing in duty puzzles up.

With Cris and Aapje taking a break, Sianuk became the captain. At the begin of November, 2006 they wanted to be involved more in blockade action and changed to the flag Mind Games but later on switched to Tea and Strumpets.

Sometime during 2010, the crew moved to the flag League of Light.


  • Cailoo Is the leader of crew pillages. He is responsible for doing larger pillages and bringing pieces of eight to the people.
  • Joejoe Is in charge of events, like contests and tournaments.
  • Persisto Does crew pillages. helps pirates with their standing and trains officers to host pillages.
  • Cris is leading elite pillages at the moment, but also helps pirates with their standing (break).
  • Aapje is momently more involved in flag issues (break).