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Felix Felicis
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Lessian is a pirate on the Midnight Ocean.


Lessian first arrived to Midnight in September of 2004 and has since resided in the Emerald Archipelago. She first joined up with Divine Wind. Climbing quickly in the ranks and bound by a relationship that could never be, she soon had to make a choice between sailing the ocean with a different crew, or sailing away from the game. She chose to stay and made a crew with long time friend, Trega. January 4th, 2005, they created the crew Phantom Rogues under the flag In Cognito.

After a long stint with the Phantom Rogues, Lessian found herself drawn back to a certain captain that had made his return under an alt. She had quite the falling out with a member of her current crew and decided that it was best to move once more. She found herself a member of Le Freccette due to a strong friendship she had formed with Obaba and Dartwith. To make a long story short, she and her former captain reconfirmed that the relationship was never going to work and both parted the game for real life in 2007.

After a long needed break, Lessian returned early 2009 and has made her home with Hot-Cross Bunzys under the captain Zealousbuns. She was alive and for once, very happy with where she was and who she was surrounded by. However, real life stepped in, forcing her to leave the pirate scene once again.

Lessian was revived in October 2009. She caused much trouble on the ocean along with the crew Scorpion Scoundrels under the flag Pillars Of Hercules under the captain and monarchy of Bigmacattack. As of January 2010, she joined Pernix Adaeque Simius under the captain of Transcend. Shortly after, she took leave for real life once again.

With renewed hope, Lessian has popped onto Y!PP once again late 2011.


Lessian can be found sneaking around the Midnight as a member of Rogues Riding.

Favorite Trophies

Her favorite trophies include Bone Head, Brotherhood of the Bronze Pineapple, Cultist Crusher, Waterlogged Spyglass, First Gold, Snowflake o' Piracy and Vampiric Signet Ring.

Alts & Their Histories


Salty Garbage
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Current Rank

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Lieutenant Commander

Zealousbuns first arrived to Midnight in February of 2009 and has since resided in the Emerald Archipelago. She quickly found a home with Mystery Inc, captained by Scoobdoo. Being really close with Lessian (one would wonder if they were one in the same...) she decided to create her own crew with her. This sparked the birth of Hot-Cross Bunzys (credit for the name goes to Barbwire). After a lot of drama, Lessian convinced Bunzy to move her crew to the flag of Dartwith where they have made themselves quite at home.

Bunzy built a crew with her lead senior officer Corvette. After a short run with Hot-Cross Bunzys, she had to retire quite suddenly, as real life was calling.


Bunzy is currently retired, more or less until her real life salt of a user logs her back on. She resides in the crew Rogues Riding under the flag of Riding High.

Favorite Trophies

Her favorite trophies include the battered hat, bone head, chalice of blood, cursed forager, first gold and flag bearer.


Mizuki is a pirate on Midnight. She first appeared to Midnight Ocean on March 23rd, 2009. Though her alts have played YPP before, she is a new face on the ocean.


Mizuki is in a mild retirement until her partner in crime decides to come back. She is currently the captain of All Hands under the flag Suntne Vacci Laeti.