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Weavery on
Islay of Luthien (Ruby Archipelago)
Midnight Ocean
Owner Basher
Manager(s) Jpc
Dusted May 2006


Younger of the Two Trees of Valinor. Watered by the tears of Nienna and brought to life by the music of Yavanna.

"The other bore leaves of a young green like the new-opened beech; their edges were of glittering gold. Flowers swung upon her branches in clusters of yellow flame, formed each to a glowing horn that spilled a golden rain upon the ground; and from the blossom of that tree there came forth warmth and a great light.

... Laurelin the other was, and Malinalda, and Culurien, and many names in song beside."

Laurelinens is the primary cloth supplier to the Blouse of Feanor tailor, also located on the Islay of Luthien

This building was dusted sometime in May 2006.