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Ladysanger, more commonly known simply as Lady made it onto the Viridian Ocean in late 2006. She puzzled hard meeting many pirates along the way. Lady took a break from PP for 2 years from 2008-2010 when she returned setting up Bri's Revenge and making a meteoric rise to the top of the crew fame list. Having lost some key SOs due to real life issues Lady found herself in the flag Puzzleholics Anonymous alongside some great friends: Orbsus, Tyleyy, Jinxy, Hurly and Dsaw to name but a few. PA began to dry up a little and so Lady once again forged out on a new path, this time joining forces with Antheas. She made more lifelong piratey friends there and began her Atlantis running career with them. Her final move having lost interest in the game was to join her good friend Quadehara's crew - Opulence - before taking a short 6 month break. However the ocean called to her and she made a full return to Opulence and the flag Imperial Coalition where she now happily sails alongside Monlizzy, Quad and Dreadrasta.

Contributions and accomplishments

  • Captained Bri's Revenge to no. 1 crew
  • Royalty of Midnight's Revenge
  • SO of Opulence
  • JC for Imperial Coalition

Future plans

Lady plans to stay with IC for the foreseeable future, hopefully obtaining a royal spot and delving into the murky waters of piratey politics. She hopes to continue using her poker skills to contribute to IC's blockade funds and hopefully win herself an island to govern and defend. Stay tuned!