Kraken's Demise

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Kraken's Demise at a Glance
Sage Ocean
Last Monarch Daggerdarla of Obsidian Daggers
Member crew(s) Ticklers, Ottoman Armada, Deadliest Dragon, Obsidian Daggers, Scorpions Of Sage, Rated Arrr
Dormant or disbanded as of 24 November, 2006

Flag Council

  • Monarch

Daggerdarla of Obsidian Daggers

  • Royalty

Weejonnyb of Obsidian Daggers
Panteraa of Ticklers

  • Titled Members

Donniet of Deadliest Dragon
Kimberz of Scorpions Of Sage
Screamadle of Ottoman Armada
Smergy of Rated Arrr


Kraken's Demise is a flag on the Sage Ocean. It was founded on August 26, 2006 by monarch Daggerdarla.

Public Statement

Arrrrr, me mateys! Ye be wonderin' 'bout fine flag of Kraken's Demise? It's a home of hearty pirates, skilled navigators and some landlubbin' merchants belike.

Our flag is fairly new, tho mates in it are not. We love puzzling - pillaging, hunting krakens and brigand kings too; merchanting or just chatting and having fun with hearties.

We are looking for a few good crews to join our flag. We value quality over quantity, but are willing to train newer mates provided they are behaving mature and with respect to all.

If ye have any questions about our flag, catch DaggerDarla on Sage, or send her PM on main Y!PP forums.

PLEASE NOTE: Clicking "Form alliance with this flag" button before talking to Queen won't make her happy. Yer advised not to do so.

We dislike dockpressers. Think about it before clicking.


Blockade Involvement

History of War