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Jezzeka is captain and monster hunter of the crew Lunar Eclipse in the flag Sink or Surrender on the Cobalt Ocean.

Jezzeka is senior officer of the crew Get Frogged in the flag Frogtard's on Ice on the Ice Ocean.

The Start

Upon joining the life of a pirate, Jezzeka was washed onto the shores of the Midnight Ocean. After many weeks of working her way up on Midnight under another name, she was taken away by the hearts of Cobalt. There, she started over and continued her journey of a pirate.

Current Life

When Jezzeka arrived on Cobalt, she found a crew called Ghosts of the Gate under the flag Hurricane. She served as a pirate for many months.

After she left Ghosts of the Gate, she went on to join up with a variety of other crews. Later she joined Rocking the Boat; at the time, under the captainship of Chicka and Aaronray as the first mate. Rocking the Boat was in the flag Running with Scissors.

A few months later, Rocking the Boat joined forces with other crews in the flag Valor. A while after, Chicka stepped down as captain and lay the crew in the hands of Bablondie; a fellow senior officer.

Later she became the captain of the crew April Fools that was in the flag Eureka (an Australian based flag). It later joined the flag Wings of Gold.

Her one and only long life pirate dream is to have a familiar to call her own. She has yet to achieve this dream.

After several years of playing on Cobalt, she decided it was time to return to Midnight.

Currently, she is semi-retired, though she can be seen floating between Cobalt and Ice occasionally.


  • Currently fleet officer of the crew Companeros in the flag Dies Irae on the Midnight Ocean
  • Currently captain of the crew April Fools and princess of the flag Wings Of Gold on the Cobalt Ocean
  • Created the first free to enter raffle to win a month's subscription
  • Won 2006 Christmas Fruit Cake Tournament
  • Former officer of the crew lead by Chewyshoe in 2005
  • Former fleet officer of the crew Bad Sushi
  • Former fleet officer of the crew Dragon's Wrath captained by Ghustler
  • Former senior officer of the crew Dark Lords