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A Jeweled Brooch is a trinket awarded to experienced players1 by the Widow Queen upon defeating her in sea battle. It will be inscribed with the message, "Ransomed by the Widow Queen to <Pirate> on <date>." Available in these six colors, it can be held in a portrait by the pirate who originally won it.

Colors jeweled brooch.png

1 On doubloon oceans, the player must be holding at least a Pirate badge. On subscription oceans, the player must be subscribed.

Icon Brigand King Crew Flag Trinkets and Eggs
Flotilla icon Admiral Finius.png Admiral Finius Cadre of His Ultimate Magnificence Fleet of his Imperial Scaled Highness
Flotilla icon Azarbad the Great.png Azarbad the Great Flame of Might The All-Consuming Flame
Flotilla icon Barnabas the Pale.png Barnabas the Pale Eldritch Abyss Chthonic Horde
Flotilla icon Brynhild Skullsplitter.png Brynhild Skullsplitter Thanes of the Frost-daughter Ice Wyrm's Brood
Flotilla icon Gretchen Goldfang.png Gretchen Goldfang Evil Eye Jinx
Flotilla icon Madam Yu Jian.png Madam Yu Jian Warriors of the Jade Sword The Jade Empire
Flotilla icon Vargas the Mad.png Vargas the Mad Circle of Madness The Enlightened
Flotilla icon The Widow Queen.png The Widow Queen Silken Sirens Black Veil