Invicta (Emerald crew)

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Invicta at a Glance
Emerald Ocean
Captain Ruimiguel
Senior Officer(s) Odds, Skindeep
Politics Autocratic
Shares Jobber's Delight
Flag Affiliation Eternity
Founded 14 May, 2017
Last updated on 5 August, 2018
Favicon.png Crew Info

Invicta is a crew that sails the Emerald Ocean. The crew currently flies the flag of Eternity.


Invicta was founded on 14 May, 2017.

Public statement

We are the undefeated! The ones who strive for strenght, loyalty and victory!

Crew articles

Welcome to Invicta! Below are the rules of our crew:

  • Ask PTB (Permission to Board) before you enter any vessel you weren't asked to board.
  • If you are an Officer but not the OIC (Officer in Charge) please do not touch any buttons on the ship, and obey whatever the OIC commands, as for gunning and duty navigation, please ask the OIC first.
  • Do not laze, trade, challenge to puzzles while on pillage or monster hunting.
  • Treat everyone with respect and everyone will respect you.
  • Do not use the crew chat for sales. There's a trade chat for that.
  • We have ships spread all over the ocean, feel free to use them as you please but make sure to restock and leave it in the same island. If not possible at least warn the vessel owner. If taking a battle ready ship into sinking voyages please warn the owner as well.

We are old and experienced pirates and we gathered this crew to make your time here enjoyable. We are very open minded and fun people, and we love to puzzle being it a pillage, a Kraken hunt, Cursed Islands, cards, you name it. If you are a beginner and have questions or need help just ask them and we'll provide everything you need. We also provide Officer training.

Rank requirements

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Below are the minimum requirements for each rank in our crew. Promotions will only be given if you have such requirements. Do not ask for a Rank when the time comes, whichever you deserve it shall be given. You will have to prove your loyalty to the crew.

  • Cabin Person - This is for alts.
  • Pirate - Everyone who joins the crew will have this rank immediately. Notice now that you have the ability to gun and duty navigate without an order, so please make sure you have permission to.
  • Officer - You will have to own a vessel of any kind and an Officer badge. Also some stats are required such as Distinguished Battle Navigation and at least Respected in one piracy puzzle. Also you need to know how to sucessfully run your own pillage. If you don't, ask the Captain or the Senior Officers for help and they will provide Officer Training. Notice that now you can use any unlocked vessel in the crew. You can chart a vessel that isn't yours, can buy rum, cannon balls and lifeboats, can insert money in the vessel hold but you will not be able to remove any money/charts/stock from the ship and anything you buy will use poe from your own pockets. When using a ship that is not yours, make sure you restock it and leave it where you found it. Do not take battle ready ships into sinking voyages without warning the vessel owner. You now have acess to the /officer (Officer Chat in the Crew) and /fofficer chat (Officer chat in the Flag).
  • Fleet Officer - You get this after at least 1 month in the crew. You will need at least Master at Battle Navigation, and Master on at least 2 piracy puzzles. Need to own at least 3 different vessels. You need to recruit at least 2 people to the crew. Must be active and trustworthy, and put effort in the development of the crew. Fleet Officers have many rights such as being able to access crew holds and take charts and bid tickets on unlocked ships. Officer badge required.
  • Senior Officer - After a long period of officership, during which you have proven your loyalty and commitment to the crew, you may be promoted. To be Senior Officer you'll need at least Renowned at Battle Navigation. Have recruited several players to the crew, have a variety of vessels and be active in the crew running voyages. Pretty much the same as the FO but with extra responsability because now you'll provide Officer Training to newbies and teach them the game mechanics. Now you can promote, demote or expell people from the crew. Senior Officer Badge required.
  • Captain - Invicta has only one Captain but should he ever go dormant, the Senior Officers will be in charge and call all the shots.

I hope you have an amazing time here, I hope you can learn from us and enjoy true friendship and loyalty.