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Inanna is the former queen and founder of Candy Coated Chaos and former captain of Pernix Adaeque Simius. She is now the Captain of a brand new crew, Dulce et Decorum est


Inanna started playing on Sage Ocean in October of 2005 as a mere greenie. After trying out a couple of other crews, she joined Pernix Adaeque Simius and quickly made her way to senior officer.

In January of 2006 she took over as captain after a number of issues arose within the crew. Formerly a princess of Notorious, Inanna left to pursue her own goals at the beginning of March. She became a founding member - and the originator of the name - of Quixotic Tangent on March 18th, 2006.

She has been heard to say on many occasions that her goal within the game is to make things more fun for the entire ocean, be it through helping out with a couple events her hearties and crew members had run or initiating one of the most exciting blockades Sage had ever seen. Inanna was a driving force behind the first (and now only) flag that defeated Go With The Flow in a single round of a blockade - even though QT went on to lose with a score of 2-3, it was still a resounding achievement on an ocean that previously had seen only 3-0 blockades.

She is known for her generosity and ability to flirt with an entire ocean simultaneously.

After winning Caravanserai II against Hell's Wrath, for a short time she became monarch of Quixotic Tangent, however for personal reasons decided to step down, and shortly after left the flag, to found Candy Coated Chaos.

The goals of Candy Coated Chaos still remain a mystery to date, but definitely include "Cookies for everyone!"

On August 12th, 2006, Inanna won her first blockade as admiral, leading Candy Coated Chaos in its first blockade, winning Amity Island.

On Sept 2nd, 2006, Candy Coated Chaos blockaded Caravanserai Island, which was ably defended by Quixotic Tangent.

On October 21, 2006, Candy Coated Chaos blockaded at Gauntlet Island, deciding to do so under 24 hours before the blockade began, and miraculously managed to pull off a win against Armed Cocktail party, to become the first owners of an island in the Osprey Archipelago.

On December 3rd, 2006, Rogues of Sage together with Candy Coated Chaos took control of Admiral Island. Inanna become governor of the island, and forced sales tax up to 100%. That made her the first person to govern three islands at the same time on the Sage Ocean (Amity, Gauntlet and Admiral).


Inanna sports both an eyepatch and a pegleg. The pegleg came first, at Basset I, followed by an eyepatch months later at Blackthorpe V. In neither case was she the first person to notice her injury - other people pointed them out. She has been holding out for a hook, but sadly received it on the alt she was using as the executive officer at Admiral IV.