In Love and War

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{{infobox flag |flagname=In Love and War |oceanname=Cerulean |hasmonarch=yes |monarch=[[Haterade-West] |monarchcrew=Valentine Dragon |membercrews=Valentine Dragon, Pirates of Darkness, Keep Out, Pure Piracy, Roflcopter |wars=Anomalous Purloiners, Forever Untamed, Sink University |allies= The Art of War, Reverence's Rebirth |numberofislands= 0

|founded=yes |foundedday=12 |foundedmonth=7 |foundedyear=2011 |updateday= 18 |updatemonth= 3 |updateyear= 2013 |flagid=10013333 |portrait=yes }}

In Love and War is a flag on the Cerulean Ocean.

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