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Imrealybored is senior officer of the crew SCURVY and member of the flag The Order of Fortune.

Imrealybored spent a long period of time of not being online. He recently has started playing again as of June 29th, 2009 on and plans to make himself known in the viridian ocean.

Favorite Puzzles/Games

  • Rumbling - Imrealybored takes pleasure in rumbling and rumbles constantly. Challenge him and he will accept ye. He aims to be Number 1 Rumbler some day.
  • Carpentry - Having his good and off days, if you are pillaging or hunting them Sea Monsters then he will most likely be with a hammer.
  • Poker - Out of all the played card games, poker is familiar to Imrealybored. However he doesn't play it as much anymore for he has learned from gigantic losses at poker.

Time spent doing

Imrealybored spends much of his time doing Sea Monster Hunts(SMH) with almost anyone who is going out. However he always willing to spend time hunting for chest to pillage with his crew. If he isn't out pillaging or SMH then you can expect to find him with friends or at the Inn

Helpful Pirates

  • Bobbstar - Yet another crew member but also a great friend. Spends much of his pirated life playing poker.
  • Lovemore/Lovecarebear - Captain of SCURVY(now goes by lovecarebear do to hackers) has always helped Imrealybored and made him feel welcome.
  • Lukeowen - Was a fellow member of Scurvy and also a business partner, before Imrealybored had quite the game for a time.
  • Neoomni -An inspiration to working on Battle Navigation.
  • Nightwishtwo - Another rumble competitor
  • PurpleJade - A competitor at rumble and a inspiration to beat.

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