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Navy Rank

Ilse is a pirate on the Obsidian Ocean.

On the Cobalt Ocean she sailed the ocean as Ilse. During the ocean merge in early 2012 she was renamed to Ilse-West because there was already a pirate named Ilse on the Midnight Ocean.


On Cobalt

Ilse-West lived on Napi Peak on the Cobalt Ocean. She was the captain and explorer of the Valorific Events crew for the flag of Valor. She was mostly around when Valor had events that needed a special events crew.

Ilse washed ashore on the island of Napi Peak in August 2007 on the Cobalt Ocean. For quite a while she had been just an alt of Scrapper, but she then went on to become an active pirate when Valor hosted events which needed an event crew.

Following the ocean merge in early 2012, Ilse's character was moved to the newly-formed Cerulean Ocean. Due to a naming conflict with another pirate, her name was suffixed, and she became known as Ilse-West.

On Cerulean

Ilse-West continued to live a quiet life on Cerulean, until the arrival of Saeliyagil. She still is the captain and explorer of the Valorific Events crew. Saeliyagil asked her if she'd be willing to help in events in the future again in remembrance of the flag of Valor. Ilse-West agreed to that and now waits until Saeliyagil is ready to do events.


Ilse is having the most fun while hosting events.


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