Ice Ocean changelog/2014-2

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This page archives the changelog for the Ice Ocean for the second half of 2014. The complete changelog can be viewed at Ice Ocean changelog.


  • Fixing connection issue when attempting to enter the Kraken lair.
  • Updating bumper boat art to make it more clear which end is which.


  • Fixing "invisible" tentacle collisions.
  • Fixing "rogue" tentacles. All tentacles will sink when Kraken head sinks. Any tentacles that were previously sunk will remain down until the other tentacles resurface.
  • Improving attractiveness of chum.
  • Chum will get removed from the board when tentacles "eat" it.
  • Changed spacing and placement of rowboats when spawning in the safe zone.
  • Fixed timing of ink so that it gets added to the board at the same time as the Kraken head gets shot.
  • Making lifeboats less bulky.
  • Changed lifeboat recipe to produce batches of 10.


  • Making sure powder keg sprites get removed if a vessel collides with them during the same turn in which they were added.
  • Aging rowboat kits by login days rather than calendar days and reducing lifespan.
  • Preventing powder kegs from being shot into the safe zone.
  • Making sure powder kegs render on top of chum slicks.
  • Added new keg explosion animation.
  • Updating kraken chest contents.
  • Board updates.


  • Fix for desyncs after Kraken head resurfaces.
  • Fix for tentacles not getting sunk when passing through powder kegs.
  • Fix for treasure indicators staying on even after rowboat respawns.


  • Fixing some internal errors.
  • Preventing tentacle vessels from escaping out to sea.
  • Preventing pirates from engaging the Kraken while in a tournament.
  • Making sure Kraken spots last as long as their sea monster maps.
  • Kraken board updates.