Ice Ocean changelog/2010-1

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This page archives the changelog for the Ice Ocean for the first half of 2010. The complete changelog can be viewed at Ice Ocean changelog.


  • Fix bug blocking forts from having managers


  • Fix a bug causing ironmongery games to hang
  • Clean up weaving sounds
  • Weaving mouse control now tracks the mouse instead of needing drags. Clicks anywhere on the reed (top or bottom) will batten
  • Spruce up the weaving tutorials some
  • The starting pieces on weaving boards are now properly battened down
  • Fix a bug with monsters not always making islands dark


  • Fix missing icon for palace managers on pirate pages
  • Clean up a few graphical glitches with Bumblebeard
  • Add a crafting mission for weaving
  • Show the crafting missions for puzzles on their free days even if you don't aren't subscribed/don't have a labor badge
  • Fix a bug where scenes could get booched when leaving shipwrecks
  • Fix missing translation for Black Market construction sites
  • Fix bug with foraging art being rendered in inconsistent orders (causing strangely glowing crates, ants without numbers, etc.)
  • Only humans can treasure haul, so don't allow you to order bots to try
  • Lots of translation updates for foreign languages


  • Potential fix for audio not working with 64-bit Java
  • Bring the fourth color sooner in weaving


  • Squash the long standing bug where chunks of scenes would sometimes be AWOL
  • Add some sounds to weaving
  • Fix another zombie/skeleton message mixup
  • Allow palaces, forts, and attraction buildings to have managers
  • Improve performance of overlayed animations (e.g. Bumblebeard)
  • Allow black boxes to be held in portraits


  • Fix message on zombie charms that said they summoned skeletons
  • Fix bug causing weaving to not show new pieces with Java 1.5
  • Make weaving sparklies rarer, but worth more points
  • Fix bug causing weaving to only let you pause once. This may also clear up the reports of weaving not showing a duty report until you hit escape.
  • Show weaving stats on pirate info pages
  • Fix bug where an error wrapping a black market box would result in a booched box
  • Fix bug with creating black big cats for the black market
  • Fix bug causing some expedition scenes to blow up


  • New puzzle: Weaving
  • Internal changes to wrapped presents
  • Adjust positioning of portals for Black Markets
  • Fix problem with some Black Market goods not being properly aged when unwrapped
  • Fix bug causing zombie charms to spawn skellies
  • Fix help URL for the Black Market
  • Add a "Fetch items" button to the purchasing interface for items that require a design


  • New Attraction: Black Market - Purchase a Black Box with a random prize inside. Production ocean price will be 10,000 PoE but will be cheaper on Ice for now for testing.


  • Yet another swordfight generation scheme - this should result in identical piece streams for different players.


  • Add several new Cursed Isles Island Scenes.
  • Adjust swordfight piece generation.


  • Fix a bug in Swordfight piece generation.
  • Fix bug where the design-required items didn't correctly identify that you had/needed a design.
  • Fix bug where imperial outposts weren't enterable


  • Imperial Outposts now award trinkets to "dedicated hands" (subscribers & pirate badge holders) similarly to the Brigand King trinkets.
  • New type of item: "Design" - Some items can be made at normal shoppes but require the orderer to supply a an appropriate Design item.
  • New items at the trading post: Shako Hat Design, Cockade Hat Design, Imperial Banner Design, Explorers' Banner, Brass Telescope
  • Removed the move counter from Alchemistry.
  • Fixed formatting for some cash numbers in poker.
  • Some internal cleanup of crafting puzzles.
  • Some internal changes to swordfighting, carpentry, and sailing to improve randomness.
  • Due to above change, note that swordfighters will no longer all see identical sequences of pieces.
  • Fix a bug where Pirate News Page slowness would lock the entire client.
  • Fix a bug related to deluxe labor badges (Obviously, won't notice this on ice)
  • Fix a bug in labor calculation related to exceptionally large amounts of reserve labor
  • Fix the plurality of some labor messages
  • Internal changes related to managing portrait backgrounds.
  • Longer introductory tutorial.
  • Fix a bug where if you left the ship too quickly after setting sail on a swabbie transport voyage, the swabbies wouldn't correctly take their stations.

2010-01-19 - Nerds in Paradise

  • Fix bug with trades and wagers that include items


  • Give out repute points for trading post purchases based on both the PoE spent and the value of trinkets cashed in
  • Fix bug with trading post items being greyed out in the ordering interface
  • Fix bug where the navy would sometimes get confused and refuse to pay out wages
  • Give feedback message when purchasing an item from a trading post


  • Allow more rotations for the tropical potted plant
  • Split the trading post items into tabs
  • In the trading post UI, allow items to be removed
  • Allow more than the required number of trinkets to be used toward the purchase of items at trading posts
  • Give feedback in failure cases for the fetch trinkets button
  • When pressing the fetch trinkets button, open the booty to trinkets

2010-01-15 #2

  • Fix booched BK egg trinket requirements.
  • Fix some layout bits on the trading post UI.


  • Fix missing translation for Trading Post construction sites
  • Add a button that attempts to fill in the required trinkets for a type from unequipped trinkets in your inventory
  • Merchants more accurately estimate the cost to ship to different islands
  • Trading Posts now sell Brigand King eggs in exchange for complete sets of trinkets for each king
  • Excise the weaving puzzle stubs
  • Fix bug with trading in conch shells
  • Fix bug with trinket value system not adjusting
  • Fix bug with purchases failing if the total trinket value exceeded the base item cost


  • New Attraction building: Trading Post
    • Players can trade in trinkets + PoE for special items
    • Trinkets are given a PoE value that counts towards the price of the item. This price adjusts dynamically based on the types of trinkets recently traded in.
    • Merchants prefer islands with Trading Posts
  • Newly delivered LE ships have custom adjectives
  • Fix non-exit rowboats on vessels (newly delivered ones will have this correct, old ones remain the same)
  • Pirates cashing out of a poker table with more than their buyin value go into the victory pose (this does not consider rebuys)
  • Provide swabbies to replace abandoning humans in all types of skirmishes except blockades instead of just in battles
  • Take appropriate cuts for swabbies from other skirmish payout types (e.g. PoE hauled)
  • Allow the shelves below decks on war brigs to be dusted
  • Players at low to mid performance levels dutying now contribute more to the ship's functionality
  • Swabbie skills and performance has been lowered so their contribution is the same as before