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Iameric is the captain and strategist of the crew Triumph. He sails the Viridian Ocean and has been playing since November 2007. He loves to visit Atlantis and is a great gunner for such events.

Historical Notes

  • He did a lot of things that werent too significant before becoming a Lord in Sea Change and goes by the title Lord Lame Ric because of the appearence of his name ingame
  • Sold the Moody Anchovy, profiting near 9,000 PoE off of selling it and purchased his new war brig the Agreed Needlefish.
  • Bought a new dhow by the name of the Moody Anchovy. Profiting 5,000 PoE from selling his previous dhow.
  • Sold his dhow the Big Halibut for 44,000 PoE.
  • Formed his crew Triumph after, sadly, leaving Chaos's Destiny on January 6th of 2008. He was a fleet officer before he left.
  • Delivered his dhow the Big Halibut from Galleons Galore on Napi Peak in early January.
  • Sold his sloop in late December in order to purchase a brand new dhow.
  • Bought his first ship, a sloop, in early December.
  • Joined the crew Chaos's Destiny and made fast friends with the first mate, Mollybaby.


As of January the 12th of 2008, Iameric's crew had reached a rank of scurvy dogs and established fame in just 8 days. The member count was somewhere around 18. Triumph is currently in the flag Sea Change which was where Iameric originally came from. Triumph is Iameric's second crew, after creating the Hershey Kisses's (his sister named it) on his first and not nearly as successful run of Puzzle Pirates. They were under the flag Free Harmonica Lessons.


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