Hunters of Brigand Kings on Midnight

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Hunters of Brigand Kings on Midnight is an informal list of pirates on Midnight who love to hunt Brigand Kings.

Joining HuBM

To join HuBM, simply add your pirate's information to the list below. Note that if you join, you will receive tells from pirates looking for a Brigand King hunt. To add your name, copy the following text:

{{UP | Pirate_Name | Swordfighting_Standing | Sailing_Standing | Carp_Standing | Bilge_Standing | Guns_Standing | Rumble_Standing | Best_Time_to_Find_You }}

Edit the article section by clicking here and add your information below the line:

Replace the bolded terms with your own information. Make sure to group yourself by times (and then alphabetical order within time categories) to make this list more useful. Save the article, and you are on the list.

Using HuBM

If you are setting up a brigand king hunt, send a tell to pirates on the list offering them a spot. Send one tell only. Do not use this list if you are close to port or are not planning on attacking Brigand Kings.

What is HuBM?

Hunters of Brigand Kings on Midnight is a list - a resource for lone players looking for others to hunt Brigand Kings with. Some of us are blessed with giant crews that lead quality pillages at all hours of the day, with people available to hunt brigand kings. For the rest of us, there's HuBM.

By signing up with HuBM, you are saying that you enjoy successful brigand king hunts, and you intend to hunt brigand kings often while online. If your name is listed on HuBM, groups looking for jobbers in a Brigand King pillage will come to you offering work. Here's how HuBM works:

  • Anyone can access the HuBM list, and anyone can invite you to hunt brigand kings. It is your responsibility to decide who to hunt with. If you go on a hunt and the navigator is horrible, then don't accept his or her requests to hunt any more.
  • ANTI-SPAM COUNTERMEASURES: Hunt leaders, when using HuBM to search for jobbers, send a single /tell to each person on the list. Don't send multiple /tells. If you get no reply then the other person is offline or not interested. Here is a sample template: Hu.B.M. Notice : A [ship size] under the command of [pirate] is seeking brigand king hunters. Reply to this message for a job invitation. If you receive the message and are not interested, simply say so. There are other people on the list who might want to pillage.
  • Over the course of using HuBM, you will run across exceptional puzzlers and high-quality mates to hang out with. Feel free to /hearty these mates. HuBM was designed as a tool to help those without extensive contact lists. Once you create your own jobber 'black book', you will find yourself relying on HuBM less and less.

HuBM List

See also the supplementary time chart.

Pirate name Puzzle standing Times online (PT)
SF Sails Carp Bilge Guns Rumble
Eveh Able Able Distinguished Respected Able Able 12AM-3AM and 11AM-12:30PM PST
Syhara GM/Legendary Distinguished Master Distinguished Able novice/Respected 12am-3am/12:30PM-11PM
Whitemary Renowned Respected Legendary Grand-Master Distinguished Distinguished 1am - 6am PST (European daytime)
Strangear narrow/distinguished solid/distinguished broad/distinguished solid/distinguished broad/able novice/distinguished 3am-4am/1:30PM-8PM
Matlhus Renowned Renowned Ultimate Master Respected Grand-Master 4am - 6pm PST
Temparence Able Able Able Able Respected Able 5:30am-6:30am, 1:30pm-2:30pm PST
Elvina Distinguished Master Respected Able Grand-Master Master Anytime on weekends usually and early morning and evenings on weekdays
Ephriam Renowned Distinguisted Renowned/GM Respected Distinguisted Able 8am-7pm PST
Fiestysiren Able Expert Weighty Distinguished Weighty Able 8am - 11pm PST
Azzarkation Distinguished Distinguished Able Renowned Distinguished Master 9am-12pm PST, Weekends - 1am-2pm PST
Firien GM/Leg Ultimate Ultimate Ultimate Master Legendary 10am - 4pm PST
Shensisque Renowned Respected Master Legendary Renowned Grand-Master 10am - 2pm PST, 6am-4pm PST weekends
Risso Renowned Master Renowned Master Ultimate Able 11am-4pm
Pharoh Distinguished Renowned Distinguished Master Respected Able 1 Pm - 5 Pm PST
Pez Legendary/Ult Master-ish Grand Master/Legendary Master unable to gun master 2pm-9pm. 10am-10pm weekends
Kimmy Respected/Master Master Grand Master Master Master Respected After 2:30
Baldwin Grand-Master Legendary Legendary Ultimate Renowned Master After 3pm
Yeven Apprentice/Distinguished Solid Solid Broad Apprentice / Able Neophyte Usually 3-6pm
Spiritsoar Respected Renowned Renowned Legendary Legendary Master 3pm - 8pm
Yeven Respected respected Respected respected able able afternoons after 3:00 pm pst
Shannal Grand-Master Grand-Master Master Grand-Master/Renowned Master Distinguished 4pm - 9pm PST
Brighteyez Grand-Master Renowned Renowned Grand-Master Grand-Master Master 5-11PM PST
Ploute Master Master Master Legendary Respcted Renowned 5-11PM PST
Peglegtom Master Master Distinguished Distinguished Able Able 6pm-9pm PST
Sameron Distinguished Respected Master Master Renowned Able 6pm - 12 midnight PST
Nicolaa Legendary/GM GM/Renowned Legendary Renowned Renowned Master 7pm-1am PST
Afrin Distinguished Distinguished Master Respected Master Master Random(often)
Amelia Grand-Master Renowned Master Renowned Legendary Distinguished Random
Aquafinia Master Respected Master Grand-Master Distinguished Able Random
Banshe Distinguished/respected Legendary Master Legendary Respected Master Random
Blondestar Broad/distinguished Expert/distinguished Solid/able Solid/able Solid/respected Neophyte/able Random (Online too much!)
Bluelagoon Grand-Master Master Master Respected respected/master Distinguished random
Calamarie Grand-Master Grand-Master Grand-Master Legendary Legendary Respected Random - online a lot
Calypsan Grand-Master Legendary Grand-Master Legendary Legendary Master Random (Quite often
Chumbucket Distinguished/Respected Grand-Master Legendary Legendary Master Distinguished Random
Cleaves Distinguished Master Renowned Grand-Master Renowned Respected Random, Often
Colecc master grand master master master distinguished able Random CST
Danet Distinguished Grandmaster Ultimate Legendary Distinguished Distinguished Random but often /Tell Danet to see whether I'm online
Darconus Renowned Distinguished Master GM Master Distinguished Random
Duudee Grand-Master Renowned Master Legendary Distinguished Grand-Master Random
Iostream GM Master Master Legendary Respected Master Random
Elliason Grand-Master/Renowned Renowned Master Respected Distinguished Distinguished Random
Flowerthing Broad/Able Weighty/Able Narrow/Able Solid/Distinguished Weighty/Respected Narrow/able Random
Fryed Master GM Leg/Ult GM/Leg Master Distinguished pretty much any time of day
Geminiladi Master Master Renowned Master Renowned Master Random
Gimmekiss GM Master Renowned GM Respected Respected Various
Gouldylocs Solid/Master Paragon/Master Expert/Master Expert/Master Expert/Master Broad/Master Random, pretty much anytime
Grabnar Distinguished Master Respected/Master Able Distinguished Able normally only on half of the week but when I am on I'm usually on along time
Hazelnut Renowned Ultimate Legendary Renowned Grand-Master Master Random (usually PST evenings)
Jamiesmith Respected Distinguished Distinguished Master Distinguished Able Random
Jenardo Legendary Legendary Legendary Legendary Master Master Most times
Jesroo Master Legendary Legendary Grand-Master Respected Master Random
Jifbesjagf Master (Plays like Renowned) Respected Master Legendary Respected Distinguished Random
Keeran GM/Legendary Ultimate Grand-Master Renowned Master Renowned Random (usually late at night)
Khorzoo/khatar GM/legendary GM/Legendary Master Gm/Legendary Respected Respected Random
Kiattia Distinguished/Respected Distinguished Master Renowned Distinguished Able Random before 11am
Krad GM GM GM/Legendary GM Ultimate Respected Random
Ladyknight Renowned Master Legendary Grand-Master Able Respected Random EST afternoons/evenings)
Lenci Renowned Distinguished Distinguished Renowned


Able Random
Ligeia Legendary Legendary Legendary Legendary Ultimate Legendary Random
Littlebus GM/Renowned Legendary Grand Master Leg/G-M Ren / Master Ultimate Random
Lukenasia Master Master/Renowned Master/Renowned Leg/Ult Dist/Respected Dist Random
Mainorj GM Legendary GM Ult GM GM Random
Mrjoe Renowned Weighty Broad Solid Broad Master Random
Muroni Renowned Legendary Legendary Legendary Legendary Leg/Ultimate Random
Okie Master Master Distinguished Legendary Master Respected Radom online alot day and night
Omegadyn Legendary Master Grand-Master Renowned Grand-Master/Renowned Distinguished As mush as possible
Pjotr Legendary Ultimate Grand Master Legendary Ult/Leg Grand Master Random
Raesene Able Master Master Legendary Distinguished Distinguished Random
Roev Legendary Grand-master legendary Renowned Master Master Random (a lot)
Rustyzipper Renowned Legendary Master Legendary Legendary Renowned Random
Sanpedro Legendary/Ultimate Grand Master Legendary Legendary Master Renowned Random
Sarahsparrow Renowned Respected Master Master Master Legendary Random (alot)
Searmin Legendary Ultimate Legendary Ultimate Ultimate Legendary Random (Online a lot)
Sephoris Master Respected Respected Legendary Able Grand-Master Random
Sleepwalker Renwoned Respected Renowned Grandmaster Master Master Random
Sorator Narrow/Distinguished Solid/Respected Solid/Able Broad/Able Broad/Able Novice/Able Random, weekdays rarely on from morning till 3:30pm CST.
Sprngweather Legendary Ultimate Legendary Legendary Legendary Grand-Master Random (Online a lot)
Sputnik Master Respected Master Respected Renowned Renowned Random - online a lot
Strength Legendary Master Ultimate Legendary Legendary Renowned Random (Online a lot)
Sunstone Grand-Master/Renowned Renowned Respected Grand-Master/Leg Master Distinguished Random (online alot day & night)
Tarroc Solid/Renowned Weighty/Distinguished Solid/Distinguished Weighty/Distinguished Solid/Master Narrow/Distinguished Random (often)
Timberland Solid/Distinguished Expert/Distinguished Solid/Distinguished Solid/Able Weighty/Respected Solid/Respected Random
Trollsb Master-GM Master Master Master Legenday Grand Master Random times almost half of every day
Vegeta Leg/Grand-Master Master/Distinguished Respected Renowned Respected Able Random
Vixyeni Renowned Master Master/Respected Grand-Master Grand-Master Able Random (often)

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