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Current Rank

Icon senior officer.png Senior Officer
Crew Title
Navy Rank

Harryssjeng joined the Viridian Ocean on the 16th of November, 2006. He is currently senior officer and damsel of the crew The Nesoi.

Harryssjeng spends his time playing hearts and spades or pillaging with his hearties.

Ultimate Pirate

Harryssjeng obtained the ultimate pirate trophy in mid-2008. Since then he has stopped caring about how his stats look like, although he is still an amazing sailor, bilger, gunner, and so on.


Harryssjeng has won and bought many familiars.

Renamed Ships

Sloop dock.png Harryssjeng owns one renamed ship right now. It is a sloop named Everlasting Argo, of which he is immensely proud of.

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