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drop pattern
Equipped Fist Hammer.png
Doubloons 10
Decay rate 90 days

The hammer is one of sixteen bludgeon types used in rumbling. It can be purchased at shipyards. On subscription oceans, this bludgeon may only be used by subscribers.

Since the hammer includes a large number of bruises in its strike pattern, if you make a max-bruised 4-group strike, then up to 75% of your attack can be bruises.

The hammer is difficult to use, because if you don't add any extra bruises into your strike attacks, then the hammer's strikes are very poor. You need to add a lot of bruises in order for the hammer's strikes to be good. If you have trouble making max-bruised strikes throughout the entire game, then you will be better off using a different bludgeon.

The most exciting part about the hammer is its multi-row sprinkle attacks. Unfortunately, the better your opponent is, the less often you'll be able to send multi-row sprinkle attacks.


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