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Gramps is a pirate on the Sage Ocean and has been practicing his piracy since March/April 2006. His very first crew and flag membership was with Vicious Rogues of the Lunatic Fringe flag, where he rose to the rank of senior officer.

Gramps has been in many crews over the past few years, his current home is as a senior officer in Stars Catcher and lord of the Blizzard flag.

He has been a member of the following crews:

Gramps enjoys nothing better than to stand on the docks tarting away with his antics of being an old man or even just chatting with some of his mates. Gramps can often be seen talking, sharing familiars and spending time with his lovely and beautiful tart, Fever.

Gramps is known by many names: Gramos, Oldman, Old Timer, ChatBooch Showoff, Silly and more recently as Turtle.

You can also find Gramps on the Ice ocean on the pirate Grumpface. To Gramps's own dissapointment the pirate name of Gramps had been taken by someone else before him.