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Gramps is a pirate on the Sage Ocean and has been practicing his piracy since March/April 2006. He was a member of the crew Vicious Rogues at the rank of senior officer until the 7th of November 2006. Gramps was a senior officer in the crew, Kaizuko Kazuko, meaning Pirate Family. The reason behind the change lies in a falling out between the captain and many of his senior officers, in which many left to move on. On the 23rd of November the Crew underwent a name change to Double-Ewe Tee Eff.

While Gramps was sad to leave their long time flag, Lunatic Fringe, he was also pleased about the greater things on the horizon for their newly formed flag, the Rogue Pirates of Sage. Unfortunately on the 25th of November his crew left the Rogue Pirates of Sage to form their own Flag, whilst this wasnt a bad thing it was a big discision to make with his fellow Senior Officers. Gramps is now Prince of the Flag Kingdom of Fwirtawots, where they enjoy there daily chats in Gonnie English or an occasional game of Hide & Seek.

Gramps enjoys nothing better than to stand on the docks tarting away with his antics of being an old man or even just chatting with some of his mates.

Gramps is known by many names: Gramos, Oldman, Old Timer, ChatBooch Showoff.

Contributions and Achievements

Even though Gramps has not been around for long and has not done anything to special, he has made a good contribution to both his old and new flags and crews. He has even created & administratored/moderated the flag forums for both Rogue Pirates of Sage & Kingdom of Fwirtawots.

Gramps hopes that he will soon be able to make great contributions to his new flag as a Prince and that he will someday aspire to do greater things.