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Glycon, started off as a lowly pirate in the ranks of Kiss for luck with his friend Volturnus. Under the careful guidance of Anduka and Ciucci, Glycon quickly rose through the ranks becoming a senior officer within a month of joining.

Then, Glycon and Volturnus left with their new-found friend Yeehar and made the crew Defenders of the Faith. The crew prospered and Glycon, as captain of the crew decided to join the flag Legion of Doom. Here, he made even more in-game friends.

Due to an ever-growing rift within the flag, Glycon retired to Midnight for a few months until everything cooled down. On Midnight, he met the lively captain Chumbucket, a revolutionary who impressed Glycon.

Chumbucket and Glycon set about planning to blockade an island, with Glycon lending his expertise where it was needed. Sadly, due to real life commitments, Chumbucket had to leave the game and the plan to blockade fell through.

Upon much begging from his old friends on Viridian, Glycon returned to his old ocean, and back into the arms of the flag that loved him so.

These days, Glycon is retired with no plans to return.

Contributions and Achievements

  • Becoming senior officer in the crew Kiss for Luck
  • Becoming prince of the flag Kiss for Luck
  • Creating Defenders of the Faith
  • Joining Legion of Doom and becoming prince