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Islands with ghosts appear dark.

Ghosts help pirates find out where zombies and skellies are.

There is only 1 option on the ghost radial menu.
If there are skellies/zombies about, a ghost will tell where.
If there aren't skellies/zombies about, a ghost will say so.

Finding Ghosts

Ghosts sense the unbalance of the ocean and will likely tell pirates where there may be a infestation of skellies or zombies. Unlike skellies and zombies, ghosts walk around, so pirates may have to search for them.

Commune with the Dead

There is only one option on a ghost's radial menu, which is Commune with the Dead. When this option is clicked on, the ghost will send a tell as to where there may be skellies or zombies.

For skeletons, the message will be one of the following:

  • "I sense a horde of Skeletons on <Island>."
  • "I sense a legion of Skeletons on <Island>."
  • "There be Skeletons besieging <Island>."
  • "There be Restless Bones besieging <Island>."
  • "Skeletons have overrun <Island>."