Free Harmonica Lessons

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Free Harmonica Lessons at a Glance
Viridian Ocean
Last Monarch Taitlin of Devil Dogs
Member crew(s) Devil Dogs
Dormant as of 4 July, 2008
Favicon.png Flag Info

Free Harmonica Lessons was a flag on the Viridian Ocean. This name is a play on one of the chat filter transmogrifications.


Created on February 21st 2006 by Panteraa with the crew Pieces of Hate. Huppel was soon made the temporary monarch to help establish alliances and so Panteraa could concentrate on other things occurring at the time.

Soon after Panteraa got the throne back Huppel left to be the monarch of Confusion.

With the loyal crews Pieces of Hate, Touch of Midas, The HOLY Fleet, Dragon's Wrath and Pirates Revenge, the flag soon rose to number 6 on the fame ratings.

FHL entered the Lima Blockade event on March 19th 2006 for a bit of fun. After winning for the first 15 mins of round 1 and 2, they were quickly overtaken! Overall they came 6th (due to a tie with RiddleMakers). However it was a superb effort and a whole lot of fun for them.

The flag did raise itself to Illustrious and the number 1 spot on flag fame for about a week starting 18 May 2006, then went back to Eminent after the crew Fate left.

With plans to blockade Polaris Point under way, they created their own blockade crew, called the Harmonica Tooters. After Panteraa left the flag, Sadiebelle changed the public statement to say that the crew was unwelcome there.

After Panteraa left the flag became unstable and being leaderless caused may of the core crews to leave. Soon Sadiebelle became the new Monarch to rebuild the flag.

After a few months, Sadiebelle also left the flag to join Riddlemakers, and a few alts were put there to keep the name.

Public Statement

Talking to oneself is a sign of impending insanity, apparently...


-- Reached number 1 in flag fame on 18 May 2006. Well done mates! --


Unloyal, rude and unwanted crews will be blacklisted here: The Ancient Greek, Organization XIII, Ultimate Owners Harmonica Tooters