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Franklincain - Pets | Ships

These are the various (customized) ships owned by Franklincain (either directly or via his numerous "alts"), across all the oceans.

Fleet rosters

The first table shows his fleet organized by ship-type (within each ocean). The second table shows his fleet organized alphabetically.

Paint colors are listed in the order of railing, sideboard, and hull. Unless stated otherwise, all renames were "standard" renames. Any upgrades to the cannons, figurehead, and helm will be appended.

Table 1

Sloop dock.png
  • Anti-Aircraft Shark (Blue/White/Tan)
  • Bionic Shark (Blue/White/Tan)
  • Confederate Dixie Chub (Blue/Blue/Red)
  • Diabolical Plotz (Blue/White/Tan)
  • Inconceivable Plotz (Blue/White/Tan)
Alice class sloop dock.png
Cutter dock.png
  • Nefarious Plotz (Lime/Blue/Tan)
  • Sinister Plotz (Blue/White/Tan)
  • Sterling Silverdollar (Lime/Blue/Tan)
  • Villainous Plotz (Blue/White/Tan)
Dhow dock.png
  • Fiendish Plotz (Lime/Blue/Tan)
  • Holy Wara (Lime/Blue/Tan)
Fanchuan dock.png
Longship dock.png
  • Deadly Winde (Red/Blue/Blue)
Merchant brig dock.png

Table 2

 Consolidated List, Alphabetized           
 Name  Ocean   Ship Type   Paint and Upgrades
 Anti-Aircraft Shark   Meridian   Sloop  Blue/White/Tan
 Bionic Shark   Meridian   Sloop  Blue/White/Tan
 Black Knightfish   Meridian   Cutter  Lime/Blue/Tan
 Bugs Bunni  Meridian   Cutter  Blue/White/Tan
 Confederate Dixie Chub   Meridian   Sloop  Blue/Blue/Red
 Dead Parrotfish   Meridian   Fanchuan  Red/Blue/Tan
 Deadly Winde   Meridian   Longship  Red/Blue/Blue
 Diabolical Plotz   Meridian   Sloop  Blue/White/Tan
 Fiendish Plotz   Meridian   Dhow  Lime/Blue/Tan
 Holy Wara   Meridian   Dhow  Lime/Blue/Tan
 Inconceivable Plotz   Meridian   Sloop  Blue/White/Tan
 Lucky Pennyfish   Meridian   Cutter  Blue/Blue/Tan
 Mythic Swordfish   Meridian   Fanchuan  Aqua/Mint/Tan
 Nefarious Plotz  Meridian   Cutter  Lime/Blue/Tan
 One-Eyed Jackfish  Meridian   Sloop  Navy/White/Tan
 Quantum-Mechanical Catfish   Meridian   Sloop *  Blue/White/Blue
 Radio-Controlled Shark   Meridian   Sloop  Blue/White/Tan
 Ruthless Plotz  Meridian   Sloop  Blue/White/Tan
 Sinister Plotz  Meridian   Cutter  Blue/White/Tan
 Space-Time Rift   Meridian   M.Brig  Purple/White/White; cust.; brnz./serp. 
 Star-Spangled Bannerfish   Meridian   Sloop  Blue/White/Red; brnz. 
 Sterling Silverdollar   Meridian   Cutter  Lime/Blue/Tan
 Surface-to-Air Shark   Meridian   Sloop  Navy/White/Navy
 Swashbuckling Swordfish   Meridian   Sloop  Blue/White/Tan
 Unladen Swallow   Meridian   Sloop  Blue/White/Tan
 Unspeakable Plotz   Meridian   Sloop  Lime/Blue/Brown
 Villainous Plotz   Meridian   Cutter  Blue/White/Tan
 Vorpal Bunni   Meridian   Sloop  Blue/White/Tan
 Vorpal Swordfish   Meridian   Sloop  Blue/White/Tan

Noteworthy ships

These are notes for specific individual ships within Franklincain's fleet.

One-Eyed Jackfish

One-eyed jacks are a "wild" card commonly used when playing poker.

Quantum-Mechanical Catfish

This ship's rename is a homage to the Cheshire cat, by way of (as well as in addition to) Schrodinger's cat.

Space-Time Rift

This modified merchant brig sails the Meridian Ocean. In addition to its custom rename, it has been given a sea serpent figurehead and bronze cannons (main deck only; the cannons in the hold are original issue). It has also been painted -- its railings are purple, and its sideboard and hull are both white.

After being modified, this ship found its way into the hands of its current owner, Franklincain.

Unladen Swallow

The story of the unladen swallow comes from a classic British comedy.

Vorpal Bunni

This ship's rename is based upon the fearsome beast that was "documented" in a classic British comedy.

Vorpal Swordfish

This ship's rename is based upon the legendary weapon that was used to slay a fearsome beast.