Fortune Cookies

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Fortune Cookies was one of the first crews started on Cobalt Ocean. Pennsuedo began it, along with a few trusted mates from Midnight. Initially the crew gave officer status to anyone who said that they had been an officer on Midnight, just in order to increase the number of ships on the waters, and to assist in recruitment and expansion. This soon got a little complicated, however, and led to there being more officers than the Senior Staff felt comfortable with. A lot of the officers had simply come over to Cobalt to try out the new Ocean, and see what things were like. With the "dead wood" being removed, Fortune Cookies settled down into a relatively settled crew with some experienced mates from Midnight leading the way. Sun Dynasty was created as a flag (before the fame system came into play, and things were progressing well. That was until the "booched blockade" of Dragon's Nest occurred, which many people viewed as the catalyst to the end of Sun Dynasty, and Fortune Cookies moving to a new flag to face new and different challenges.

Subsequently part of Hydrophobia with Synful as captain, Fortune Cookies seemed to be flourishing once more, before branching out into it's own flag "Spit Into The Wind", although keeping close ties with their allies in Hydrophobia.