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Familiars Won
Abelardo Montoya

Forevever is a pirate on the Cerulean Ocean.


Alternate name

Foreverchaos on Cerulean and Meridian.


2004-2007 - Fleet officer in the crew Red Dawn under the flag Midnight Armada on the Midnight Ocean.

2007-2010 - Senior officer in the crew Bootleggers under the flag Anchor Management on the Midnight Ocean - under the fine leadership of Piroxy.

2010-2014 - Captain of the crew Force of Nature as Foreverchaos, under the flag Naked and Sacred on the Meridian Ocean. Force of Nature was originally founded by Beardsly, who has since retired and handed over the reigns.

December 2014 - Force of Nature flag changed to Legacy of Leprechauns, previously known as Legacy_(flag).

2013-Present - Captain of the crew Red Dawn under the flag Universe A on the Cerulean Ocean. Thanks to Faulkston for keeping the crew alive all these years, and for the promotion!

Current addiction

Kraken Hunting!