Flotilla Hunters of Viridian

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Flotilla Hunters of Viridian is a group that helps pirates find quality battle navigators. Their goal is for everyone to have fun in flotillas.

Battle Navigators

Please use this format when adding names to the list in alphabetical order:

*Pirate / Highest Battle Navigation standing / Ship preference

  • Admax / Renowned
  • Akarah / Legendary
  • Altofdisc / Legendary
  • Balder / Legendary
  • Bbkelley / Legendary
  • Bugsbunny / Grand-Master
  • Captainvince / Grand-Master
  • Chax / Renowned
  • Crazycomet / Master
  • Discflicker / Legendary
  • Dunkhan / Legendary
  • Elpolo / Master
  • Empire / Respected
  • Hasz / Grand-Master
  • Hawkings / Legendary
  • Imdutch / Grand-Master
  • Isaacmulhall/ Master
  • Jackswalloms / Master
  • Janepeg / Legendary
  • Joakal / Legendary
  • Klostro / Legendary
  • Kouder / Grand-Master
  • Peterljr / Grand-Master
  • Pinkelephant / Legendary
  • Powerbow / Legendary
  • Reepacheep / Ultimate
  • Seepnah / Legendary
  • Shotsy / Renowned


See also the supplementary time chart.

Note that if you add yourself, you will receive tells from battle navigators, who wish to enter a flotilla. To add your name, copy the following text:

{{FH | Pirate_Name | Sailing_Standing or Rigging_Standing | Carp_Standing | Bilge_Standing | Guns_Standing | Best_Time_to_Find_You }}

Edit the article section by clicking here and add your information below the line, but keep the list itself in alphabetical order:

<!---Pirates go below this line --->

Replace the bolded terms with your own information and X out any station you do not want to do. Save the article, and you are on the list.

Pirate name Puzzle standing Times online (PT)
Sails/Rigs Carp Bilge Guns
Admax X X GM GM
Adrielle Leg X X X
Adven Ren+ Ren+ Ren+ X
Aetormin X Master GM X
Alishar Ren+ Ren+ X Ren+
Ameego X Ren+ Ren+ Ren+
Aryell Leg leg Leg X
Atreus Ren+ Ren+ Ren+ X
Azkaban X Ren+ X X
Bacuon Master X Leg X
Badvinc Ren+ Ren+ Ren+ X
Batlista X X Ren+ Ren+
Bennyboi Ren+ X Ren+ Ren+
Biote Ren+ Ren+ Ren+ X
Blackstrap Ren+ Ren+ X Ren+
Borovan Ren+ Ren+ X Ren+
Bryten Ren+ X X Ren+
Bubbleboy Ren+ X X X
Bugsbunny M X GM GM
Cab Ren+ X X X
Calla Ren+ Ren+ Ren+ X
Canadasailor Ren+ X Ren+ Ren+
Chalkerx Ren+ X Ren+ Ren+
Chinchi Ren+ X Ren+ X
Crazycomet X X X M
Cydira Ult X Leg X
Danepirate Ren+ X Ren+ Ren+
Deathfreak Ren+ X X X
Dolann Ren+ X Ren+ X
Dondadon Ren+ X Ren+ Ren+
Dracius Ren+ Ren+ X X
Ecrvtbyn Ren Master GM X
Ellsbells Ren+ Ren+ Ren+ X
Elpolo X X Ren Leg
Emoxcore X X Ult Ult
Erdd Ren+ X Ren+ X
Fearsom Pro X Able X
Fiercepirate Ren+ X Ren+ X
Foxcroft Ren X X X
Franklincain Ren+ X Ren+ X
Frikinik Ren+ Ren+ Ren+ X
Ghostmutt Ren+ Ren+ X X
Hasz Ren+ X X Ren+
Hawkings Ren+ Ren+ Ren+ X
Haywoodx X Ren+ X Ren+
Holland Ren X Leg X
Hollyjolly Ren+ X Ren+ X
Imdutch Ren+ X Ren+ Ren+
Infectedmonk X Ren+ X Ren+
Irig GM Leg GM X
Isaacmulhall Ren+ Ren+ Ren+ X
Jackwink X Ren+ X X
Jeffwulf Ren+ X Ren+ X
Jerec Ren+ Ren+ X X
Jimbobsy Ren+ X Ren+ X
Karexie Ren+ X Ren+ X
Killermate Ren+ X Ren+ X
Kletterrose Ren+ Ren+ X X
Kookoomonga X X Ren+ Ren+
Kolibri X Ren+ X X
Kouder X X Ren+ Ren+
Kraggard X Ren+ Ren+ X
Kutsamari Ren+ Ren+ X X
Lcawte Ren+ X Ren+ X
Leef Ren+ Ren+ Ren+ X
Lixxa Ren+ Ren+ X X
Lolowned Ren+ Ren+ X X
Marydeath Master Master GM X
Metalmate Sailing - Proficient / Rigging - Master Distinguished Renowned Distinguished Weekends
Miamaria Master X leg X
Ninjacow Ren+ Ren+ X Ren+
Nobleheart Ren+ Ren+ Ren+ X
Noria Ren+ Ren+ X X
Orr Ren+ X Ren+ X
Ounon GM X X X
Perxie Ren+ X Ren+ Ren+
Peterljr X Ren+ X Ren+
Piracropolis Leg GM Leg GM
Powerbow X X Ren+ Ren+
Poowin Ren+ X X X
Professor Ren+ X X GM
Psycokyle Ren+ Ren+ X X
Sexynika Ren+ X Ren+ Ren+
Shiuallan X Master X Ren+ 2-5 PM Server Time Mon-Fri
Sirpooka Ren+ Ren+ X Ren+
Spideyman Ren Master Master X
Starsdestiny GM GM X X
Thrillin X X GM Ren+
Tikikala X
Tookie Ren+ Ren+ Ren+ X
Toughman Master Master X GM
Torigu X X X Ren+
Trogo GM X X X
Trycky Ren+ Ren+ Ren+ X
Usonia X X GM X
Waterbuffulo Ren+ Ren+ Ren+ X
Whiteberry X Ren+ Ren+ X
Xaveen GM Ult Master Leg
Xeni Leg Ult X Ult
Yohoyohoyoho X Ren+ Ren+ X
Zavebe Leg Ren Leg GM

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