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== Fleet ==
== Fleet ==
=== Renamed Vessels ===
=== Renamed vessels ===
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Familiars Won
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Flit is a pirate on the Obsidian Ocean. He is the captain of the crew The Last of Us.


  • June 6, 2018 - Received a ? /banana chameleon from a gold box
  • April 7, 2018 - Received a blue grey/blue grey dragon from a gold box
  • December 1, 2017 - Received a red/green dragon from a gold box
  • November 11, 2017 - Received a tan octopus from a wine mystery box
  • November 4, 2017 - Received a gold/silver lobster from a lavish locker


Shoppes and stalls

Icon iron monger.png Owns Flit's Ironworking Stall on Port Venture

Icon distillery.png Owns Flit's Distilling Stall on Port Venture

Icon tailor.png Owns Flit's Tailoring Stall on Port Venture


Renamed vessels

Class/Colour Vessel Name
Sloop dock.png Banana/Chocolate Painted Sloop Dessert
Sloop dock.png Lime/Ice Blue Painted Sloop Glade
Sloop dock.png Ice Blue Painted Sloop Vanilla
Sloop dock.png Wine Painted Sloop Syrah
Sloop dock.png Banana/Plum Painted Sloop Fruity
Vampire class sloop dock.png Vampire Class Sloop Porphyria
Cupid class sloop dock.png Cupid Class Sloop Passion
Gold class sloop dock.png Gold Class Sloop Opulence
Bardic class sloop dock.png Bardic Class Sloop Lucky
Cursed class sloop dock.png Cursed Class Sloop Fey
Skelly class sloop dock.png Skelly Class Sloop Cadaver
Shadow class sloop dock.png Shadow Class Sloop Despair
Defiant class sloop dock.png Defiant Class Sloop Glory
Phantom class sloop dock.png Phantom Class Sloop Specter
Rogue class sloop dock.png Rogue Class Sloop Vagabond
Gingerbread class sloop dock.png Gingerbread Class Sloop Yuletide
Alice class sloop dock.png Alice Class Sloop Wonderland
Sloop Mark II dock.png Banana Painted Sloop Mark II Plantain
Sloop Mark II dock.png Crimson Painted Sloop Mark II Scarlet
Sloop Mark II dock.png Chocolate Painted Sloop Mark II Cocoa
Cutter dock.png Shadow Painted Cutter Gloom
Cutter dock.png Spring Green/Emerald Painted Cutter Malachite
Harvest class cutter dock.png Harvest Class Cutter Plenty


Class/Colour Vessel Name
Tiburon class sloop dock.png Tiburon Class Sloop Voracious Shiner
Sloop Mark II dock.png Plum Painted Sloop Mark II Wonderful Puffer
War brig dock.png Ice Blue Painted War Brig Coarse Silverside
War brig dock.png Wine Painted War Brig Jealous Mullet
War brig dock.png Ice Blue/Grey Painted War Brig Patient Tuna
War brig dock.png Chocolate Painted War Brig Solid Haddock
War brig dock.png Plum/Wine/Spring Green Painted War Brig Unfriendly Pollack
Inferno class war brig dock.png Inferno Class War Brig Sizzling Barbel
Smuggler class war brig dock.png Smuggler Class War Brig Concealed Halibut
Shadow class war galleon dock.png Shadow Class War Galleon Lazy Hake
Quest class war galleon dock.png Quest Class War Galleon Stouthearted Sailfish
Midas class grand frigate dock.png Midas Class Grand Frigate Radiant Alewife