Fast Fourier Transport

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Fast Fourier Transport
Left-facing Shipyard on
Eta Island (Ruby Archipelago)
Cerulean Ocean
Owner Benvious
Manager(s) Zelnok, Dreamcloud
Erected September 2004
Dusted Date unknown
Building-Cerulean-Fast Fourier Transport.png

Fast Fourier Transport is a left-facing, shipyard shoppe on Eta Island and was run by the Looterati. It was erected in September 2004 under the governance of the flag Silver Dawn. The shoppe was gifted to the Looterati for aid in the colonization of Eta.

Benvious bought the shipyard from Crystalclaws at the end of October 2008. Benvious is a senior officer and the ambassador of the crew Alere flammam Veritatis.

Fast Fourier Transport continues the basic Eta Island naming scheme of scientific or mathematical related terms and puns. The name is a pun on Fast Fourier transform, named in honour of the French mathematician and scientist, Joseph Fourier.