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Trophy-Dread Masterpiece.png Pirate Artist
Contributed in-game art by Ezzleart

Ezzleart is a reasonably shy pirate on the Emerald Ocean. She started playing Puzzle Pirates in April 2014, and entered her first portrait background contest in that month. Ezzleart's entry won, and was included in the game during May 2014. Her winning entry is shown below.

Monthly ezzleart slack sailing.png

Ezzleart loves to draw and create things, and she plans to enter more contests on the Puzzle Pirates forums in the future! She is currently ranked as a senior officer and urchin of the crew Mid West Indies, and is a member of the flag Full Metal Snuggle. Ezzleart is also a chief petty officer in the Quetzal Island Navy in the Orion Archipelago. Her favorite puzzles include bilging, and all of the crafting puzzles!