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This article represents an event proposal and has not yet been finalized by its creator. Please do not edit without permission.


Game Gardens Crafting Puzzle Challenge!

In this event teams of pirates work together to code a crafting puzzle.

Player Profile Timeline
Audience Pirates with ideas and coding abilities Elapsed time 9 weeks
Unit of Entry Teams of four or less Participant Time 8 weeks
Expected Participation Unkown Judging Time 1 week
Platform Game Gardens/YPPeddia


Event Description

The goal of this event is to facillitate the growth of Game Gardens as well as the Puzzle Pirates world. Teams will compete to create the best crafting puzzle using the Game Gardens develepment kit. The competition will have three required steps for participants. First, all teams must register in the announcement thread in the forums. Registration will be open for the first four weeks of the competition. During week 4 all teams must create a YPPeddia article detailing their current plans for their puzzle. Those not competing will be encouraged to give feedback for these ideas. At the end of 8 weeks all puzzles must be submitted.


Judging will be based on the puzzles suitability for inclusion in the Puzzle Pirates world as a crafting puzzles. This includes elements such as increased difficulty leading to increased scoring potential. There will be three seperate prize categories. They will be best overall, best idea and best execution. Best idea will simply judge the ideas of the puzzles without regard to how succsefully they were executed in code. Best Execution will judged based on how cleanly coded an entry is with the actual idea as a minor point. Best overall will be awarded to the idea that best combines these two categories. Best Overall (1st), Second Best Overall (2nd), Best Idea (3rd), and Best Execution(3rd) will be the possible winning placements. It may be possible that non-winning teams will recieve honorable mentions and trinkets depending on OM support.


I am putting up 1000 doubloons towards prize support. If people from a subscription ocean win, they can use these to Dubscribe. I also hope to put together four "Ocean Packages." These will be prize sets donated by people from those oceans. Their will be 16 of these of these prize sets. The members of the first place team will get the first chance at selecting from these prize sets. Then the members of the second place team will select their prizes. One of the two third place teams will be selected at random to chose prizes third. I also hope to receive some prize support from the OM's. My preferred prize distribution is as follows (note the teams receive everything in their prize categories):

1st Place

  • A Familiar for each member of the team (Need OM prize support)
  • 504 doubloons
  • 4 ocean packages

2nd Place

  • A special piece of furniture, for example Shark Teeth (Need OM prize support)
  • 336 doubloons
  • 4 ocean prize packages

3rd Place

  • Special Trinket (Need OM prize support)
  • 80 doubloons
  • 4 ocean prize packages.

If you are interested in donating to the ocean prize packages, please contact Tamman on the Viridian Ocean or PM Nalanthi on the Puzzle Pirates Forums. Please ensure that all donations (PoE,ships trinkets, etc) are divisible by 4.

Viridian Prize Packages

  • 24k in Gift Certificates to Mythical Yarns - Cyndiepet
  • 34,000 PoE - JainaSolo

80,000 Poe - Limoni

Midnight Prize Packages


Cobalt Prize Packages

4 Sloops - Hemme & Bibity

Sage Prize Packages

4 Assorted Parlor Tables - Ladykay

Help Required

Volunteer Assistance

I will need at 16 more people to judge the puzzles. These will preferably be people whose stats show that they enjoy playing the current crafting puzzles.

OM Assistance

OM assitance should largely be limited to providing prize support. It would be helpful if the Developers could comment on how players should structure their code so that it is easy for them to integrate into the Puzzle Pirates world. Also, if the Developers see any legal problems with using puzzles from this contest in the game it might be necessary to have entrants sign a release form.


Previous Similar Events

None that I know of.


Avid Puzzle Pirate Player. Game Designer/Producer Hopeful.