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While this entry did not make the shortlist, you are welcome to continue discussing & planning to run your event after the E2 event period. A new thread has been started for non-shortlist entry discussion.

E2-logo.png This is an entry for E2: The Event Event.

Challenge the OM Contendership
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A Swordfight tourney to begin, winner gets the rights to challenge an OM

Player Profile Timeline
Audience Serious SF fighters Elapsed time A big SF tourney long, 1 hour +
Unit of Entry Individual Participant Time A SF match long, individual timing
Expected Participation Probably unlimited participant Judging Time Immediate
Platform Midnight Ocean


Event Description

Inspired by the recent LuckyDip event. Luckysun once wagered an Apollo doll but it could not be won. This tourney is to give another chance for a person to challenge an OM. A normal SF tourney to begin with..(probably bring your own sword, doesnt really matter) The winner gets to challenge an OM for a prized doll. But no dolls come easy. The winner challenges the OM with a STICK or FOIL (if stick is too hard) while the OM chooses a sword of his/her own. The GRAND match will probably be held on Alpha Island for all to see...


er..Winner of SF tourney challenges OM?


For the SF tourney, 100k poe will be Cascading to Third style. This is to encourage ppl not to enter the tourney just for a piece of the POE. For the GRANDE, an OM doll for winning and maybe a trinket for losing.

Help Required

Volunteer Assistance

I don't think any is needed.

OM Assistance

Firstly an OM who is interested to participate. Secondly his/her doll.

Workshop Coaching

Waiting for reply


Previous Similar Events

Normal SF tourneys have been held before and even Familiar SF tourneys.