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While this entry did not make the shortlist, you are welcome to continue discussing & planning to run your event after the E2 event period. A new thread has been started for non-shortlist entry discussion.

E2-logo.png This is an entry for E2: The Event Event.

Powder Hunt
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A scavenger hunt in which participants dash about houses to be the first to find powder bags.

Player Profile Timeline
Audience Everyone. Elapsed time Approx. 40 minutes.
Unit of Entry Individual entries. Participant Time 10-40 minutes.
Expected Participation Unlimited. Judging Time Instant.
Platform Viridian Ocean.


Event Description

An Ocean Master will broadcast the rules and details of the event, including that a party will be hosted in a manor on a certain island at a set time. Potential participants will then watch the island events section of the noticeboard on that island and watch for a certain party. When they see the notice they will whisk to the manor and begin scouring it in an attempt to be the first to find the five hidden tan powder bags. In the manor news, each room will be assigned a number visible only in that room. The first ten participants to correctly /tell me the five numbers of the rooms in which the powder bags are hidden will move on to the next round. For the next round participants will be invited to a mansion and instructed not to leave the entrance room until given the word. If participants fail to adhere to this rule they will be planked from the house and disqualified from the contest. When all the participants are in the house and ready, they will be told to begin searching. The first two people to find all five powder bags and tell me will enter the third round. For the third round the winners of round two will be invited to a townhouse and again instructed not to search until told. Unless a participant breaks the rules in this third and last round, making his/her opponent an instant winner, the two remaining entrants will be given the signal to start hunting. The first person to find the two powder bags and let me know will be the winner.


In this instance judging will not be an issue as winners will be obvious.


1st place will be awarded a stocked sloop. Second place will be awarded his/her choice of a new dirk or poniard. The ten winners of the first round will each be given 1000 poe.

Help Required

Volunteer Assistance

I do not foresee a need for it.

OM Assistance

Broadcasting, and any prizes they can part with would be appreciated.

Workshop Coaching

Nothing comes to mind, but all help is welcome.


Previous Similar Events

I cannot remember anything of this nature.


I haven't done anything quite like this before, but I'm eager to start!