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Floating Bartender Championships (Aka: Viva Las Vegas!)
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A sloop race with a twist (and a tiny paper umbrella!), served up with some traditional Vegas fare.

Player Profile Timeline
Audience Everyone! Elapsed time Over the course of a day
Unit of Entry Individuals and teams Participant Time 1 hour to register, 1.5 hours for the main event. Side events ~ 3 hours
Expected Participation 30+ Judging Time At most, an hour after the main event and maybe half and hour post-side event
Platform Cobalt Ocean - but ready to rock n' roll on Midnight as an alternative, whatever creates the best distribution of events around the oceans.


Event Description

This Vegas themed event combines favorite strip standards (Drinks, gambling, and Elvis impersonators) into a wacky day of puzzling. It centers around a well-blended sloop race, with a bit of themed-fundraising and a wacky evening event to send people home with a smile.

Floating Bartender Championships

Goal: Get your sloop from point A to point B. Mix drinks along the way. Score points based on your cargo, speed, and everything in between!

Rules: Each sloop entered in the event can have 1-5 pirates on board. The deed to the sloop must be held by one of the folks aboard the ship, and the deedholder will need to join an alt crew for the duration of the event for purposes of records checking. Registration for the event will open an hour beforehand. All sloops will start at Point A (still determining course) and be given a cargo of 20 limes. They will have 90 minutes to get their sloop to Point B. Simple, right? Well, there's a bit more to it then getting there first - it's all about getting points.

Additional cargo: The only other things you may take are rum (no grog or swill, please - top shelf cocktails only!) and however much shot you need.

Points: There are a number of ways to get points - however some methods are mutually exclusive, so pick carefully!

  • Hitting the finish line: When you reach Point B, transfer 1 cannonball to the ship <shipname>. Transferring the cannonball signifies that you are done. You may not go back out and try to earn more points after the transfer. Teams that are still at sea when time is called will lose 1 point. (+2 points, -1 point if you don't get this one.)

  • Being the first to hit the finish line: Hit the finish line, and stay put to receive this bonus. (+2 points)

  • Limes: You get 1 point for every lime you have with you at the finish line. (+1 per lime)

  • Blending: For the purposes of the melee, blending is PVP against any of the other ships in the event. Please be aware of the might rings and know that the black ship will come and get you. Outside crews PVPing Melee contestants will wish they had a Margarita to ease some of the hurt they're going to feel for messing with this event. (+ 2 points for every battle, + 4 for a win, -4 for unblended drinks. Blech.)

  • Margarita on the rocks: Swing by Point C (TBD) to pick up some ice (a diamond). It only counts if you get it to the finish line! (+3 points )

  • Frozen Margarita: Swing by Point C (TBD) to pick up some ice (a diamond). For a good frozen margarita, you better blend after you add ice. To get this bonus, you've got to get into a battle before you hit the finish line, and you better come out on top! (+5 points)

  • Borrowing ice from a neighbor: Nab someone's ice while blending, and get it to the finish line for this bonus. (Note: if you borrow ice from a neighbor, that ice won't get you the on the rocks or frozen bonuses. However, you can try for both! Get your own ice, and borrow some more - savvy? (+2 points)

  • Shirley Temple bonus: Do the whole thing, without letting a drop of alcohol in your boat. No throwing it overboard, either. We don't want to let that go to waste! (+3 points)

  • Lo-cal option: Work off your Margaritas! We'll give you this bonus for completing extra laps (once you hit the finish line, run back to Turtle and back down to Cnossos for one lap) (+4 points for every lap!)

  • Nilsson rating: Put the lime in the coconut...and drink them both up! Detour to point D, Find the doctor, and bring his coconut back to the finishing line for this bonus! ( + 3 points)

  • Paper umbrella bonus: Give us your best impression of those colorful little paper umbrellas and garnishes you find in your drinks by dressing up to win this bonus! (+2 points)

  • Glassware bonus: Serve your margaritas up in style. If your ship's color scheme/furni feng shui catches the judge's eye, this bonus is yours. (+2 points)

  • Simple Syrup: Most folks like a little bit of sugar in their Margaritas. The ship <shipname?> will be sailing between Point A and Point B (not necessarily in that order!) throughout the duration of the melee. Grab some sugar from them and get it to the finish line for this bonus. Careful, these pirates have quite the sweet tooth, and won't part with it easily! ( +4 points)

  • Old Salted Rim: Ah, the fresh sea air! Looks like it's just you and the swabbies for this race. This bonus is given to solo racers. (+4 points)

  • Mixed Doubles: Just two of you racing? This bonus is yours. ( +3 points)

  • Three's Company: If you're racing in a group of three, come and knock on our door for this bonus. (+2 points)

  • Four Horsemen: Predictably, if you've got four people on your team - this is your bonus. (+1 point)

(Optional) Side event #1: Fundraising If needed, a vegas-style fundraising system can be set up in the style of a slot machine - or more specifically a one-armed bandit. A pirate with a hook hand will serve as the one-armed bandit. Initiating a standard drinking game with 6 colors with the bandit with a wager is equivalent to pulling the lever. The three drinking pieces shown after the initial fires have been played serve as the slot machine 'pull'. Match colors and/or cups to win big! Fries = wild cup and kegs = wild color. Hooks will be counted as a win for the house, sorry! The bandit will always quit out of the game once they've recorded the pull, so no need to sacrifice your drinking rating to have a go at the slots. This may turn out to be less of a fundraiser, and more of an entertainment/prize thing. Can be done several days in advance of the race, as often as needed!

Side event #2: Elvis is Everywhere! He's in everybody! This low-key lounge-themed mini-event is a great way to wind down the day after the race. It's also a fantastic way to learn what happens when you combine pirates with Elvis. This event is designed to bring out the Elvis in you - dress up, create an alt if you have to (though lady Elvi are encouraged!) - we're just looking for your best Elvis impression, and we'd love to cram an inn full of Elvis impersonators. In addition to looking the part, you'll get 2 chat lines to sing, tell us about Priscilla, and/or otherwise make the judges believe that you're the King! Cocktails (local drinking tournament) will be served while the judges deliberate. Other celebrity look-a-likes are more than welcome to attend, but only Elvis impersonators will be judged.


Main event (Floating Bartender Championships) At the end of the 90 minutes, whichever ship brings in the most points, wins!

Side event #2 - purely subjective, decided upon by a panel of judges.


Main event: 1st place - a theme-named ship, complete with drinking table and plenty of rum in the hold, Other places TBD.

Side event #1 (One-armed bandit fundraising): Plenty of pieces o' eight for lucky slot winners!

Side event #2 (Elvis is Everywhere!): 1st place - A theme-named ship or a throne, other places TBD.

Resources: I've got 75K, a couple of trinkets to hand out/liquidate for cash to buy other things, and two sloops to throw into the prize pool!

Help Required

Volunteer Assistance

I'll need a one-armed bandit (tentatively thinking I can do this with an alt slot, at least one other person to be on hand for helping with the Bartender Championships, 3-4 pirates to defend the sugarcane sloop (if used as bonus), and at least 2 other judges for Elvis is Everywhere!

OM Assistance

In order for the ice-related bonuses to work for the Bartender Championships, I'd like to request that one of the islands temporarily sell Diamonds during the race. To my knowledge, there are no gems on Cobalt - so I don't know that this is possible, however I know that non-used gems (e.g. Quartz) have been used in other events on Midnight.

Also, if the fundraising is a go - I'd need for the one-armed bandit to be temporarily cursed with a hook hand.

Workshop Coaching

I really wanted this to be a sloop race/event that anyone could win - and for it to be hard to predict who might win due to all the bonuses and unexpected events that come into play. I could use some advice when it comes to fine-tuning the bonuses and their point values in order to make sure that everything is balanced out. I'd also like some help picking an appropriate course with suitable detours.


Previous Similar Events

There have been races/events that were strictly time-based, involved delivering things to checkpoints, and involved scavenger hunt style clues. There have also been PVP-centric events. I think this brings together some of those elements, but the combination and way this is scored still make it unique.

The drinking game has been used to determine raffle tickets, and booty gains have been used as a 'slot machine' - but I believe this is the first drinking slot machine.

I have yet to see a collective of Elvis impersonators on any ocean.


Helped with scoring various bake-offs, assisted with flag events, coordinated Where in yer world?, and assisted with the recent Viridian race. Additionally, I think there's something to be said for participating in several events - as it does help you get a sense of what does and does not work well from an entrant's standpoint.